Welcome     Sunday, October 11, 2020

Welcome to my website, Media Pages, a blog or magazine. I hope to fill it with media that exemplifies our historical and current good work and knowledge of God and my own observations, insights, views and perspectives of Life.

I write about Humanities God given responsibility to achieve Heaven on Earth or God’s Kingdom. As we are the most intelligent of God’s animals, ‘made in His image’, and at the top of the food chain we are responsible for the care of all God’s Creation(s) for our own survival and prosperity. The more we learn, use, and implement God’s Laws which include theologies, common laws, and laws of science the closer we get to God’s Kingdom.

Our ecosystems on earth share the requirements of input and care by Life all over the World exhibiting Life’s roles while appearing different, like humans, and as God intended. They are beautiful things to be a part of and care for. Our Societies are beautiful ecosystems as well, created by humans. Humans, however, given their Spirits endowed by God, have had to learn, use, and implement God’s Laws to evolve as we have. The Evolution of Humanity is the Evolution of God’s Kingdom if we are abiding by God’s Laws.

Since the beginning of the Evolution of Humanity we have experienced many obstacles or impediments including natural disasters and war. But we have always in some discipline(s) of God moved forward in our Lives and the furtherance of God’s Kingdom and prosperity. I believe there are periods of renaissance and/or enlightenment in our evolution where our knowledge and/or implementation of God’s Laws are more profound or progressive. I believe we are experiencing this now and perhaps it’s beginning is decades old. I believe we should always do all we can to attain God’s Kingdom but especially right now.

The easiest way to attain Heaven on Earth is to be natural, seeking out your Spirit and Soul and expressing it, learning all the way. God has given us Spirits which when expressed and working together will build a beautiful world of prosperity and living. We should always care and share for one another as best we can, and be kind.

The error in our ways and the work laid before us shows up as pollution, poverty, and a collective suffering sometimes causing a delay or pause in our furtherance which often includes more observation and learning before implementation. Sometimes waiting for the right Spirits or people for action, leadership. Enjoy each day as much as possible, bring joy to it, to your life, and friends and family. Working towards God’s Kingdom.

The ill willed actions in the world will continue to dwindle if we but continue to apply the Laws of God, all of them, theologies, common, and science, in our Societies of majority which has brought and brings the good and good work to the World and it’s people. We cannot continue to allow the bad to blanket themselves in our societies of good and pillage them of fruits of good labor and cause inaction of good work by fear and destruction. We mustn’t allow good people to stew in despair as a result of our inactions when our Societies and World surround them in such beauty.