Final Presidential Debate 2020

Final Presidential Debate 2020     October 23, 2020

Well, I thought the final debate was more normal and actually went pretty well. I was actually wishing it could be longer, though it didn’t really get into policy issues. Both sort of described a little about some policies.

Still, though a bit subtler, was Trump’s divisiveness which I think upsets Biden very much and Biden spoke of red state virus spikes. Globalism though not stated was also discussed and once again Donald Trump makes it very difficult to engage in any meaningful conversation.

Donald Trump has really missed an opportunity to take advantage of the most powerful position on earth to work and win the hearts and minds of a majority and quite frankly the World. And even most Republicans with any intellectual persuasion. He has, in my opinion, squandered incumbency.

One of his accomplishments was, as he stated, our energy independence. But we weren’t really in a war over it, just some supply and pricing issues which were basically market driven. I hope the Middle East oil has been used productively in other places in the World. I still don’t think fracking is a good thing environmentally but I see no reason or need to act immediately believing it will fade naturally as we increase efficiencies, but certainly it could become unpopular enough to stop.

Also, for Donald Trump having done so much for minorities, particularly black minorities, as he said, I am not seeing or hearing anything about it or it’s effectiveness. Not even by Donald Trump himself or his administration. For all of this good he says he has done he speaks nothing of it but for sound bites and then goes back to his work. He blames the press for it. And fans the flames of division.

Donald Trump has remained and worked behind closed doors to accomplish his goals which have and are in my opinion dividing and destroying our Union.

Well, we must now fair and weather an election and see what this old World brings us. Please Vote!