Voting For The Future

Voting for the Future     October 26, 2020

Well, the word is, and I believe, that we are deciding on the very nature of America, if we should direct our time and money to division, civil war, and isolationism and really no future (life) but war. I’m advocating for life and the future.

As I have written before, I believe we are experiencing civil unrest which could turn into something closer to actual civil war with many regional fronts and endeavors or industry and perhaps more involvement of foreign fighters. It is essentially a war of terrorism and hatred. It’s goal is to end the work of good and prosperity in the World which means good people and the good work they do and have done including their governments.

I believe many in America have already begun another movement for liberty and justice for all and this won’t be supported by a Trump Administration as evidenced by much illegal and immoral activity on his behalf and even by his own public commands or suggestions or recommendations. In fact, this movement was catapulted by the influence and control of this administration on our branches of government from local to federal and radical organizations.

There is really no question in my mind that this war, which I have called The UnSpoken Holy (World) War will have to be fought no matter who is elected President of the United States of America. However, a Joe Biden Administration would serve America better, utilizing our government and resources to serve the people and all of their needs.

The misinformation, disinformation, personal attacks, and turn on words used by this four year campaign has left us in much need of the prosperities and benefits of our past and present good work and leaves little room for good visions of the future while this administration remains. Sometimes, so help me God, I see no future at all except war until this administration has been removed and the damages caused by them repaired. This repair, I believe, won’t take too long and can coincide with furthering our lives and economy. It seems we have much to catch up on concerning the control or management of Covid-19.

The Covid-19 virus really is preventing us from carrying out our lives and the functions of our Society. Diseases have been used in our history to impede the progress of good people and societies and I have found no other reason(s) to believe this is not why this administration does very little to manage/control this virus.

I have and have tried to look the other way and find good to live and work for since this administration took over and we now have the opportunity to curtail and reverse this movement (campaign) and repair the damages by Voting.

Please Vote!