The World Economy: An American Perspective

The World Economy: An American Perspective     October 28, 2020

America should not blame the rest of the world, especially Asia, for the decline of American products on our shelves. There is a World Economy naturally evolving and societal economic changes occurring. America’s decline of it’s own market share, in my opinion, was a result, in large part, of the invention and rise of the computer. People, all kinds of people, that may have had previous ambitions of endeavors including farming flocked to this new technology to learn and earn more money.

This invention created an industry which has been evolving, growing and developing, for more than forty years. It, in my opinion, was the fastest expansion of industry witnessed by man so far. The calculator and space technology also come to mind. There are still and always will be great opportunity in technology work.

We should be grateful for other countries ability to adapt and grow and develop themselves with lower technology goods that were needed by the void created by a great American Economic Transition, once again by invention, like the automobile. These countries were able to fill the gaps of the World while creating wealth and prosperity for themselves. And continuing to provide for societies of even less resources. Now, most of them are already competitive in the high tech industry or nearly so. Let us not forget what capitalism is and can do and why nearly every nation on Earth has adopted it or has allowed some form of it. It is basically, who can provide for the least cost. This is often achieved by what is called scaling, becoming large enough to reduce costs while not losing quality or service; even, as many have, improving quality and service. Most of American Industries, all kinds, that have survived the past forty years have taken great advantage of this. Much through technology. I don’t have a lot of money and find it amazing what I can get for it in America, as many immigrants do as well. But we still have inequality and poverty, poor housing, gangs, poor health, and lack of other rights to prosperity.

Our industries, our endeavors to improve our health and well being, prosperity, will continue to evolve, (change, grow, and develop) within our own America and as we transition into a greater World Economy. We should never stop considering foreign markets ability to serve themselves, however, in a quest for World prosperity and sustainability. We should not dominate where it does not serve a society and it’s people well. We should share hospitality, service, and wisdom or guidance.

The United States of America, more than any other Society, has had many and great changes since her inception which have been very stressful. America can be a stressful society to live and engage in. Buying American and urging and supporting companies, including banks, to support and service America can help America. Perhaps marketing abroad the heritage products of America we are known for and proud of would be good and simply producing more things in America. Niche and local markets still hold much opportunity in America. In my opinion, the most opportunity for making money and creating more prosperity lies with African Americans and immigrants. And small to medium size businesses of all races including startups with efficient, proficient, inexpensive capital and support. These could lead to large enterprises. Also, if you want to see Life portrayed and unfold, America’s media is the place to be. I see great opportunity for growth and support of this industry in many societies. As it is very closely related to Life and involves much knowledge to present, it is not always an easy industry to launch into. But over the last decade or so it has become easier. Communications and commercial transportation may be good industries for growth and development in many areas of the World. Materials and support for housing and infrastructure and Heating, Ventilation, and Cooling will expand. The trades also have good if not great opportunities.

The necessity of rising wages for a majority of workers in America, in a society (low to middle class), will increase the needed prosperity within the families and within communities and within the state and within our federal government. But inflation will have to be kept in check, managed. This is best done by our industries themselves with aid from our government. This is by the way a result of increasing prosperity in America and the World. America will probably need to continue to lead Economic Prosperity which applies Economic pressure on developing societies and she is the best at measuring and managing stress in a society and bringing aid.

Our government services are inadequate in large part because our government has not maintained a tax alignment with the industries of our society, with our endeavors. Yes, we have spent a lot of money on our security and the security of others, but as I have written, we have done so, by and large with the blessings of the World and out of necessity of survival.

Much of our economic depression(s), even low-grade, can be attributed to the value of the different currencies in the World and, as I see it now, this will have to change, perhaps causing some problems though it already does. This is something The World, Humanity, should learn to manage and progress steadily as well, like she has freedom and prosperity. Our gained knowledge will aid when significant obstructions appear.

Before Covid-19, Government data was indicating good growth and little unemployment and a need for more labor, which is most often provided by immigration, to accomplish growth, maintenance, and development. While needed regardless, increased maintenance may be a sign of failing infrastructures, their components, and those endeavors which support them.

I will add, fraud reduction or elimination would improve Economies greatly in many respects not the least of which is psychological and physiological. Dollar for dollar the savings can’t be beat.

This World Economy, as societies, has been evolving since humanity became capable of transporting goods to their advantage, prosperity. Surplus, better design or materials, beauty and more all come into play when a trade or purchase is being considered by participants. Let us continue to allow our natural endeavors and lives to flourish while increasing freedom, liberty, and justice for all. Let’s work toward eliminating poverty.

Use search engines, social media, television, schools, coworkers and friends and family to perhaps narrow down and find what your looking for either here in America or abroad. Take your time and enjoy your journey, you never know what may suddenly appear in your life as your life’s work, a passion or calling, or be part of it.

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