Happy New Year 2021

Happy New Year 2021 Everyone! I will be at home watching TV on this eve. My best wishes, hopes, and dreams for everyone in the New Year.

My words want to go to our use and enjoyment of fireworks to express our celebration of sharing work and life to bring about freedom and love and a renewing of these things.

God Bless You All! Stay safe and healthy.

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An Abridgement: A Summary and Forward

An Abridgement: A Summary and Forward      December 28, 2020

The attainment of God’s Kingdom on Earth is achieved by learning, following and implementing all of the Laws of God and those derived by Humanity by common experience and observation of Life and the gift of reason.

As God, the Time of comprehension for Humanity has been long as it is recorded in extensive works of Theology(ies) which I think of as the inspiration and record of Evolution of Understanding though much historical. Much like the natural maturation of a life, Life has been through many doors or gates of decision many of which have been paths to tribulation which often must be completed prior to achievement of furtherance. Our lives and World do reflect our accomplishments but we have not brought our progress of understanding or enlightenment and thanks to God into our current media of language, our everyday language. Those things we hold dear to God and what nurtures them. And we have not adequately expressed the melding of cultures and theologies and gifts of God and ways of perceiving His inspiration that makes up our World and which becomes God’s Kingdom. That is, the many different ways by which people peer in to see and live in God’s World. One’s Soul or their origin of Life and it’s expression.

To disrupt these things is the disruption of God’s Kingdom and an impedance to Evolution. For prosperity and peace our World must be one who sees the beauty of God’s Creations and their workings. Those things which must live and interchange creating an aura of Life, a motivation, by beauty and love. We must rid ourselves of those things which are ugly as they are an indication that we have not attained God’s Kingdom. I speak of things like inequality and pollution. The Cycles of God, of Life, allow and require endings and beginnings of Love and Respect and a Life so lived will be rich and fulfilled.

It is clear to me that the Unbelievers of the World have gathered and are making a stand like no other in history and our work must remain diligent and purposeful. We must maintain our vigilance and march toward prosperity for all. This is also why I recommend proclamation and unity of our faith(s) and good works. The Unbelievers will attempt to destroy the very things that society provides for their survival by means or way of fraud, corruption and conflict and even come to question God. There will be shakedown(s), reckoning(s), and shiftings of sand as contours of Life and new Life of sorts begin to emerge even during dark hours.

I speak of enlightenment and renaissance as are recorded in our past and believe we are experiencing this now. It is something of God’s Time and understanding only, perhaps, in it’s occurrence, leaving hindsight for humanity. But the works of good at all levels of society will and have continued to create a Kingdom of God while diminishing evil. And I believe it is divine and natural to pursue visions and thoughts of good work, peering into an earthly Heaven and acting accordingly. It is not a God’s action, so to speak, but inspiration, it is our action and work and all should understand our importance to the contribution and participation in and of the World and how much kindness matters. Good and construction/creation shall overcome and rein for it builds a World of God not the destructive actions of ill willed or the sometimes necessary destructive actions meant for maintenance and cleanliness.

I still believe we are in what I call an UnSpoken Holy World War exercised consciously or unconsciously. There is a nation called the United States of America who put this into a Constitution and who devotes time, effort, and money to it. And over time has gained allies and support. Even nations of previous conflict.

Our World must continue to bring good to those in need. The investment in poor and needy will bring more return and reoccurrence thereof than any other investment of currency or exchange. I do not speak of depleting societal safety nets and thus creating more poor as this pandemic has, in fact we need to replenish and strengthen the structures of much or our reserves. America’s working reserves or service equity (principal, capital, resources) is at an all time low in my opinion and it’s depth and breadth was not sufficient enough to begin with.

As our nations improve and become a World we must share bounties serving justice by all means while allowing the balance of prosperity and poverty to naturally rise and fall improving until all are equally served.



Economy     December 17, 2020

Well, the failure to control the virus Covid-19 has brought our economy to a halt having very little trade within it. Thank God for the other nations of the World who have remained relatively healthy and able to help service our needs like neighbors. Once again in our economic history of trouble(s) incurred along a learning curve with division, China has sustained us the most despite the wonderful beautiful perfect trade deals this Administration created to prevent trade with China. Which there are still many people suffering from.

It is my opinion, that, as I have mentioned before, inflation has been our greatest obstruction to economic stability of many of our essential workers. And we must not allow inflation to impede the progress of our economy again by not ensuring a living wage. I believe our inflation has been natural but average living wages have not been maintained. And we have added many services and products to our households. But most importantly our government has not maintained a taxation and subsequent service(s) policy for our society. There have been significant improvements at times but some have been short lived. We are also freedom fighters that remain under attack. Thank God for allies again.

Our industries have grown or faltered with the World market as it continues to move toward or transition and invest in the future and prosperity while matters of market and societal management by our government(s) of the people have been impeded primarily by Republicans. During this time however our industries have manifested an ability to serve the World economically and philanthropically while under social, industrial, and destructive attack and lack of mutual participation or synergy with these industry leaders by our government. These industries and leaders have maintained service according to law(s) created and implemented by our government(s).

They have set the innovative and economic bar for the World economy and most likely will remain the force behind World improvement and progress. Inflation is a natural phenomenon that allows service of more people but must be managed by government as elected by the people and for the people as people and our economy(ies) evolve. I will not argue against the notion that people in government can be disconnected from commerce (as many institutions can be or are from one another), however, it can be corrected by recognition and discussion especially with the progress achieved in communications over the past few decades. Institutions arise to serve need of Humanity and they fall if the need is no more, evolving with Humanity. This will continue.

I believe an increase in minimum wage and social net benefits is necessary to strengthen our economy and move us to greater prosperity. However, any inflation as a result will have to be properly managed/governed. Inflation will likely continue globally as well but I believe other nations have managed better than America. I believe we can work together as a World to continue the Evolution of Humanity, God’s Kingdom, and the World Economy which is ordained. I believe it is possible for us to now begin working closer together and sharing more of the same goals or visions for Life on Earth.

The debt(s) of America is a World debt and should be thought of as such. This Trump campaign has done very little if any to improve his or his followers standing in the World or impede the progress of God’s Kingdom. I believe that while Nations work to bring about prosperity for all of Humanity the debt will be corrected. America will continue to print money because the Nations of the World are supportive of the US Constitution and subsequent work of the United States of America.

Our complete arsenal of available services and products are not globally affordable. This means that charity or aid which is an investment in Humanity and it’s prosperity and brings back greater returns than money or currency alone if the people receiving aid can begin to produce their own prosperity.

Lack of trade and currency flow also causes recession and depression of economies. Lack of trade is generally caused by lack of work for whatever reason and basics or necessities become center stage and currency is required. It should be in the form of government stimulus or interest free long term negotiable pro-business loans. An economy will not recover from a recession or depression as well if it is secured with high interest short term loans. Monies can be paid back in the form of taxes over an extended period of time.


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Gift: Cooking Flavorful Food

Cooking Flavorful Food     December 14, 2020

Well, I am a foodie. I love food. I call myself the Comfort Food Gourmet. Here is some of my best advice, tips, and secrets for preparing meals.

The first secret to maintaining meat and vegetable nutrients and flavor is to maintain it’s moisture. This is done with liquids and oils. The primary liquid is water but for more flavor broths are great. We have all kinds of oil for cooking and it also maintains nutrients and flavor and can, like liquid broths, add flavor. Both water and oil are necessary to carry nutrients to the cells of the body.

I use a 6 oz spray bottle for quickly and easily adding water to my food while cooking and an oil cooking spray as well. Often spraying both on the food, especially meat. I keep liquid broths (beef, chicken, and vegetable) and bouillon (beef, chicken, and vegetable) for adding flavor by liquid and several oils like canola, vegetable, corn, and olive. Butter is also a flavorful fat used for cooking and you can use an oil or butter on many foods depending on the flavor you want.

A liquid and an oil or fat is almost always how you start a meal, the first ingredients. Second for me is salt and pepper. Salt, a necessary nutrient, is also a carrier of nutrients to the body. Salt and pepper both come in a variety of flavors. I encourage you to find your favorites, and like liquids and oils, you may find that you like certain salts and/or pepper on certain foods.

Next on the list of ingredients is vegetables used for flavoring. Onions, peppers, and celery for example (and I like mushrooms). The best way to get these into your food and diet is to keep them handy by freezing. Prepare them for cooking by cleaning if necessary and then chopping or dicing them. Then place them in a freezer bag and into the freezer. I spend about 4 hours a month on preparing and freezing flavoring vegetables for cooking. These vegetables will provide you with much flavor, nutrition, and variety in and of meals. Once again, there are many to choose from, like our people of the World they differ a little from region to region but are basically the same. Find the ones you like and available in your market and include them in your diet. For soups and stews that are a little acidic (tomato based for example) a little sugar can be added to reduce acidity and sugar marries flavors very well.

I then add herbs and spices to my foods which provide the greatest variety of flavor. Once again, discover what you like in your food and use them in your cooking/diet. There are many good ones to choose from. These are what, in my opinion, turn a dish into a regional cuisine like Asian, Italian, or Spanish foods. Certainly their local salts and peppers, flavorful vegetables, and meat preparation add to tradition and originality of flavor to a dish but locally or home prepared cultural dishes are great. When learning to add herbs and spices and a rule of thumb is not available, I often try/add a little and see how it tastes. Premixed herbs and spices that are available in grocery stores like Italian Seasoning, Poultry Seasoning, Chili Seasoning, etc. are usually very good. Sprinkle herbs in or on until it appears right to you. I also keep a dried minced onion, onion powder, garlic powder, and jarred minced garlic for adding to foods.

I freeze meat (and fish) also and keep a variety available to eat. Add the liquid, oil, salt, pepper and get it cooking and then add the flavorful vegetables and herbs and spices. My basic way of thinking about this comes from making soups and stews. You will find marrying flavors in a broth can teach you a lot about cooking and flavoring food, in my opinion. Pan frying and pan poaching/braising takes a little more attention than soups and stews to the time of cooking and tending the food until your preferred doneness is reached but the ingredients can be essentially the same. Single dish or one pan cooking is also a good way to learn how to cook and marry your favorite flavors.

Flavoring meat by marinating is a good way to add flavor to meat. A marinade is essentially the same as a soup, a broth and other flavorful ingredients, which the meat is put in to absorb flavors. I usually marinade meat over night. I add a little oil to help with flavor absorption. Beef can be marinated in a little beef broth to increase beef flavor and other flavors can be added like onion and garlic and herbs and spices. The same can be done to chicken, etc. Experiment/explore and/or use your intuition to create your marinades, soups, stews, and other dishes that I know you and others will like.  Lately, I have been experimenting a little with contrasting or differing the flavors of meat and the flavor of the other main or primary food(s) like vegetables, beans, noodles, or rice for example, that I have prepared to eat. Even beans, noodles, and rices come with differing flavors. But they are probably the easiest to include without altering a dishes flavor much and add much nutrition. Generally speaking, with the exception of soups and stews, these foods (beans, noodles, and rice) are cooked separately and added to the meat and/or vegetables.

Vegetable dishes are created using the same principles as entrees and can be an entree. Primary vegetables like carrots, potatoes, and green beans generally have a milder or less intense flavor than those used for flavoring. They are very good all by themselves with a little water, oil/butter, salt, and pepper which is why they are most often a side dish. They generally maintain their own flavor and combinations of these vegetables and their flavors combine well with one another in the mouth. A good soup or stew can be made with primary vegetables alone especially when they are slow cooked which brings out more flavor.

Take a little time to know what you like in your food to eat and try to incorporate those things into your cooking. I think you will eventually find yourself trying different foods and combinations of foods.

Again, soups and stews are a great way to learn how to cook everyday food for yourself and family. And fall, winter, and spring are all good seasons for soups and stews. You will learn some about meat and vegetable preparation, proportions (# of servings) of both meat to flavoring and primary vegetables (# of servings) and broth (or water) to food (immerse food in water or broth for cooking, noting the quantity in cups, and then add more to your liking at any time during cooking), and the amount of herbs and/or spices you like to add (sprinkle in until it appears right to you). Generally speaking a serving of vegetable(s) added to a serving of meat is a good proportion for soups and stews. But less meat can be used and often is. You can add a few of the flavoring ingredients at a time and taste during cooking to come to a flavor you like. Soups and stews are generally slow cooked (1-1/2 to 2 hrs min) at a simmer, and in a broth, so cooking is easy and the food is very tender and nutritious. Noodles, rice, beans, barley, etc. can be added. Broths for soups can be found in grocery stores as well as bouillon for making broths by adding water. Bouillon generally has a little stronger flavor than broths. A good choice for a bouillon brand is Better Than Bouillon.

Frozen vegetables like mixed vegetables, peas, corn, lima beans, etc. bought at a grocery store are excellent and easy for adding to soups and stews. My favorite is mixed vegetables. Canned beans of all sorts are available and are a great easy addition.

The broth of a soup or stew can be thickened by adding a thickening ingredient like flour or corn starch. A small amount of water is added to the powder to make a thin paste or thick liquid and then stirred into the broth. I usually use corn starch which has directions on the container for gravy. Use about 1/2 to 3/4 as much to start for a thicker soup or stew. Note how much broth in cups that you added to the meat and vegetables so you can follow thickening instructions.

Soups and stews and many other dishes that are made at home can be frozen. When reheating water is usually necessary for reconstitution and more oil may be necessary too. I think it is important to understand that the foods we eat and the nutrition they provide are basically carried by water and oil (fats). The weight of most living things is mostly water greatly needed by the body. Cooking brings the nutrients in the water or fat out so the food can become dry and perhaps the nutrients somewhat denatured or left in the pan after cooking. So adding water and oil to food is important for both nutrition and flavor. What goes in the pan should come out of the pan if it has been cooked correctly especially with nonstick pans. Generally speaking low to medium temperatures are best for cooking but high temperatures are sometimes needed during a cooking process. Soups, stews, and vegetables are often brought to a boil first and then reduced to a simmer. This quickens the cooking process and brings out the nutrients and flavors of the food so they can marinade. Coming to understand liquids and oils for cooking is very important to making nutritious flavorful food.

Preparing and cooking food should be like reading a book, watching TV, or listening to music. You should take the time to devote your attention to it, learn a process, style, and flavor(s) all your own. It is a skill or art required several times a day. Certainly we often work until we are very hungry or we are in a hurry and turn to sandwiches and chips or a hamburger and fries and I don’t think these are bad for you foods. I eat them regularly. But your diet should be as varied as possible. Our restaurants (and grocery stores) are phenomenal in my opinion. Take some time to find ones that you would like to try during your work day and that fit into your schedule.

Well, I hope this advice, tips, and secrets help you with your cooking and wish you all the best of health.


Richard A Damron