Malpractice and Dereliction of Duty

Malpractice and Dereliction of Duty     December 4, 2020

Well, I can’t express how very angry I am for the mismanagement by this Administration of COVID-19 in this country. This Administration has caused us to turn our, the public’s, attention to matters of which they were elected or hired to prevent or manage and are rewarded in currencies of trade while our work load/burden has increased exponentially with this virus.

I care so much for our frontline/essential workers and especially our healthcare workers. So many words of emotion come to mind like, worry, concern, anxiety, trouble, problem, fear, tension, stress, and unease for example. Words taken from Microsoft’s Word thesaurus under the word ‘care’. I care because their work provides for our well being day in and day out.

I am at home most of the time and most of my family members are close enough to come and visit, and do so. I get frustrated sometimes when I forget to put my mask on to go into a store for shopping. But I see essential people working everyday while wearing masks. The slight of science, technology, and common knowledge by this Administration has cost us dearly, causing deficiencies in much of our Being; subsistence, spirituality, and dignity because of an inability to trade for services with money attained by work or it’s insurance/assurance and an inability for some to serve those in need while existing avenues/infrastructure for transport of goods, services, and money are available. People begin to feel useless and/or hopeless. These feelings occur when there is availability but no procurement/security. I am wondering why this beautiful-magnificent-historical-businessman-job creator allowed ‘his’ economy to go to waste and then begins a second campaign, for what?

The mental burden of this government failure to act has brought us to a reckoning in the year 2020 that is representative or symbolic of 1920’s lack of knowledge. My God, they would not even faithfully encourage the wearing of masks. While I do not generally encourage congregation of people at this time, I understand the need(s) for some people to see their family and friends over this holiday period. I believe they are being careful and thoughtful. I pray for their health and safety and a good visit with family and friends. For me it is often also the best way to restore, collect thoughts, and find direction/advice. I think of those who live far apart alot.

This Administration should be liable for the disregard/neglect, malpractice, of the public welfare and adherence to the common conclusions, inferences, and understandings derived from the historical and chronological events, spirit, and works that led to the creation of our country and it’s Constitution.

malpractice – improper or unethical conduct by the holder of an official or professional position

practice – a habitual or customary way of doing something

mal- – bad, wrongful, ill ;  malware, malfunction, malcontent

duty – responsibility; liability : an act or course of action that is exacted (demanded, taken) of one by position, social custom, law, or religion