Life on Earth

Life on Earth     December 6, 2020

In the Beginning… God created the Heavens and Earth.  From Genesis 1:1 of the Bible

God created Life as a way to learn about Him while on Earth and renders judgement at Life’s end as Eternal Heaven or Hell. While Heaven or Hell exists for the dead as reward or punishment, Earth exists for the living and coming of God’s Kingdom, Heaven on Earth. But we as Humanity must choose this path, as we make many choices in Life,  granted by God, and we must work for it. We should not wish for perish to gain the realm of God in Heaven, but help realize it, nourish it, and maintain it on Earth. Life is a gift, an opportunity to get to know God and His creation and how it works/exists for Humanity. But this will only occur when Humanity, all of the World, works for God’s Kingdom, or a Heaven on Earth.

The battles we incur are towards the UnBeliever of the Realms of God despite Humanities many writings and experiences. They believe the riches of God are for the taking and use of a life given but they are intended for Life, not a life. On Earth as it is in Heaven…

As Humanity(s) belief, knowledge, and work for God’s Creation(s) increases so will His Kingdom, it’s abundance, and our awareness.