Evolution Is Not Solely Automatic

Evolution Is Not Solely Automatic     December 8, 2020

The adaptation to environment for survival is, in my opinion, a collective of God’s design and includes contemporary or present-day action(s) of God. I don’t believe the survival of life is dependent on what we see as (random) mutations of life genetics because the populations of these mutations are much too small and we do not see or observe any such population rising or growing and developing. Certainly there is survival of the fittest, so to speak, and a mutation or characteristic of sorts may be the single most observable reason, but generally, in my opinion, this is not true. There is also proliferation of distinguished populations of low diversity in a more stable environment and this seems to be where a gene pool remains more stable, especially in extreme environments.

Gene pools are relatively stable and remain so until God or His design institutes changes. And God uses all of His design. The greatest population(s) in number exist in temperate zones and while relatively stable, in my opinion, experience the most genetic evolution yet is the least observable except for that attained by sex, which like most genetic changes, are mainly reflected by appearance. While in warm rain forest environments and warm oceans we find great diversity and Creations of life that are not just previously unobserved life.

The greatest observable example of Evolution occurs everyday, all the time, in the womb of females during pregnancy as a result of sex and even includes evolving from life in fluid to air.

A prediction of mine of most significance considering the global warming that we are experiencing as a result of the Evolution of Humanity and God’s Kingdom is that our temperate environments will warm and we will experience more rain but it’s destructiveness will eventually diminish. The skies will someday calm perhaps as a result of the conclusion of changing ocean temperatures and changes in the landscape of our planet. This does not reduce or eliminate the need to reduce our waste causing the warming because our atmosphere and biosphere have probably incurred irreversible changes. Our animal (and plant) diversity will most likely increase in temperate regions as a result of environment and as a result of our care and management for God’s animals increase, but Humans will remain relatively stable as we continue to apply the Laws of God to alleviate our suffering and the Evolution of Humanity and God’s Kingdom continues.