Spirit of Aspirations

Spirit of Aspirations     December 10, 2020

Well, these late delusional actions by this current Administration and the Republicans of Congress of a win (or parting shot) by attaching strings to direct aid and searching and utilizing loopholes in laws of Humanity which divide our commerce from our person or being, especially the Senate, have taken my aspirations of a good cheerful Christmas and turned it into a prayer or aspiration that the wealth of all sorts of Spirit Filled Believers will serve the poor like the Greek Saint Nicholas of the 4th century Roman Empire, imbuing spirit of God to merchants, women, and children.

I do still believe that the good have taken to heart and mind the brevity of our current war on poverty of all sorts and understand the power of insight and the it’s return to good when applied or employed at the correct time (patience). Timing is very important and is most often considered by a myriad of potential consequences, usually a diminished suffering in length or severity is the ultimate goal.

Ill willed people are turning delusional as the laws of prosperity which have provided a blanket for their fraud are exercised and are mostly found futile. But they are utilizing and running out of time which we all share and that I wish we had solely for ourselves, for good. They will have come full circle to a reckoning.

The assault on our social activities will continue and the assault on social media will most likely spread to more advanced technologies.

They will end up in a hate filled tormented hell tenfold what they are or will be beginning to experience on Earth. On Earth as it is in Heaven.

For God imbues us with a spirit of love and allows the freedom of choice to live and act according to laws of necessity which include things of destruction and are not intended to do harm to His Creation(s) but retain or maintain a Heaven on Earth, a circle or Cycles of Life. These destructive actions most often result in renewal, preservation, and regeneration of Life. And those of good will do not take them lightly, extending much caution and consideration. For while God’s Creations and Life is capable of change and evolution God’s Ways and God do not. God is steadfast for Life on Earth.

Please help spread good cheer and the Spirit of Christmas, of God’s and Good work. For me, it is cheer (good spirit), much food, and a little gift.