Economy     December 17, 2020

Well, the failure to control the virus Covid-19 has brought our economy to a halt having very little trade within it. Thank God for the other nations of the World who have remained relatively healthy and able to help service our needs like neighbors. Once again in our economic history of trouble(s) incurred along a learning curve with division, China has sustained us the most despite the wonderful beautiful perfect trade deals this Administration created to prevent trade with China. Which there are still many people suffering from.

It is my opinion, that, as I have mentioned before, inflation has been our greatest obstruction to economic stability of many of our essential workers. And we must not allow inflation to impede the progress of our economy again by not ensuring a living wage. I believe our inflation has been natural but average living wages have not been maintained. And we have added many services and products to our households. But most importantly our government has not maintained a taxation and subsequent service(s) policy for our society. There have been significant improvements at times but some have been short lived. We are also freedom fighters that remain under attack. Thank God for allies again.

Our industries have grown or faltered with the World market as it continues to move toward or transition and invest in the future and prosperity while matters of market and societal management by our government(s) of the people have been impeded primarily by Republicans. During this time however our industries have manifested an ability to serve the World economically and philanthropically while under social, industrial, and destructive attack and lack of mutual participation or synergy with these industry leaders by our government. These industries and leaders have maintained service according to law(s) created and implemented by our government(s).

They have set the innovative and economic bar for the World economy and most likely will remain the force behind World improvement and progress. Inflation is a natural phenomenon that allows service of more people but must be managed by government as elected by the people and for the people as people and our economy(ies) evolve. I will not argue against the notion that people in government can be disconnected from commerce (as many institutions can be or are from one another), however, it can be corrected by recognition and discussion especially with the progress achieved in communications over the past few decades. Institutions arise to serve need of Humanity and they fall if the need is no more, evolving with Humanity. This will continue.

I believe an increase in minimum wage and social net benefits is necessary to strengthen our economy and move us to greater prosperity. However, any inflation as a result will have to be properly managed/governed. Inflation will likely continue globally as well but I believe other nations have managed better than America. I believe we can work together as a World to continue the Evolution of Humanity, God’s Kingdom, and the World Economy which is ordained. I believe it is possible for us to now begin working closer together and sharing more of the same goals or visions for Life on Earth.

The debt(s) of America is a World debt and should be thought of as such. This Trump campaign has done very little if any to improve his or his followers standing in the World or impede the progress of God’s Kingdom. I believe that while Nations work to bring about prosperity for all of Humanity the debt will be corrected. America will continue to print money because the Nations of the World are supportive of the US Constitution and subsequent work of the United States of America.

Our complete arsenal of available services and products are not globally affordable. This means that charity or aid which is an investment in Humanity and it’s prosperity and brings back greater returns than money or currency alone if the people receiving aid can begin to produce their own prosperity.

Lack of trade and currency flow also causes recession and depression of economies. Lack of trade is generally caused by lack of work for whatever reason and basics or necessities become center stage and currency is required. It should be in the form of government stimulus or interest free long term negotiable pro-business loans. An economy will not recover from a recession or depression as well if it is secured with high interest short term loans. Monies can be paid back in the form of taxes over an extended period of time.


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