Social Means of Equity: Civilization

Social Means of Equity: Civilization     January 26, 2021

Led by present or existing truths and hopes and dreams of Humanity we use government to attain a natural balance of  security and prosperity by exchange of idea and creation or invention nationally and internationally which will help bring forth a realm of God, Life, yet unknown.

Humanity has created and implemented various forms of government for reasons of security and prosperity during the struggle, Evolution, of Humanity and many have changed (adjusted) as a result of leadership or World progress toward Unity of Humanity by exchange of idea and creation (trade). Idea and natural resources for creation of prosperity are shared endowments of God and the good work for Evolution, progress and prosperity, of Humanity. For bearing the belief and knowledge of God and His Laws for the Unity of Humanity.

Throughout time and our World we have worked to bring about essentially self sustaining organizations and systems to improve our lives (progress) and the Earth, flora and fauna that provide. These things, as we know inherently, can be essentially self sustaining with few exceptions and come naturally as a result of God’s design and with greater economy.

We are social animals, beings, like most of God’s living creation(s). Plants can also be social by various means. As Humans we are at the top of the social ladder bearing the most knowledge and capability of work and understanding of the working of God’s creation. It is our obligation to fulfill God’s Kingdom with expectation of living in His Kingdom as intended.

Our prospects for efficiencies are great. Most significant of which will come naturally, perhaps not even being observed initially, adding freely to our work, as a result of following the Laws of God.






Politics and Passage

Politics and Passage     January 22, 2021

January 20, 2021. What a day filled with ways to commemorate our perseverance by celebrating our many devotions, commitments, and loyalties as a Nation in many different artistic and linguistic ways. Expressions that inspire so many good things in people to bring forth to the World.

But what I would like to talk about is the causes of our feelings of inadequacy that can invade us during these celebrations. There is this thought I have heard several times that money rich people could give their money to the poor and we could all live very basically. But I argue that this wealth is still the principal on which our Evolution, progress, and prosperity stands. It innovates and moves forward our lives and inspires our young, creativity and invention. I do believe it is possible that the money of wealthy could be used to increase the prosperity of many but by investments which are sound and capable of being prospered by the Humanity that is knowledgeable, willing, and capable and in a secure way.

Our World needs much education or edification for learning all ways of our World for providing livelihoods which serve prosperity but it must primarily come through public organizations like government. Income, of government, must be adequate and sustainable and investments must serve the greater good. Our personal (political) views are such that our government also serves best for confronting our needs by first negotiating, debating, and compromising ways to represent the best views and actions of a society and thus best serve them. People do not always take kindly to private or corporate money being used in the public domain or marketplace especially in the past and especially nationally. This sort of investment does not often bring the feeling of sanctity or unity as government does. Most of our private and corporate institutions with a philanthropic nature have honored this phenomenon very well and have followed written laws of our nation as well.

Money, in my opinion, is available or can be made available for those who wish to engage in the long term investment of Humanity including livelihoods. Much of our prosperity of life has been put on hold being caught up in equity. Truthfully, it has not been about money but the expression and demonstration of the representation of all ethnicities as equal by Humanity and her governments. And the fact is that the money which has been available has been withheld from investment in those experiencing poverty for the lack of security and potential loss, thus effecting or realizing very little good.

This has come as another ‘silent’ underlying societal war particularly in America while battling the nationalism of UnBelievers in leadership who have at least supported attacks on us and our economic and political interests making them imperative to address. But I believe and hope and pray much nationalism has passed and America and the World can now turn more attention and investment to the livelihoods and wellbeing of all people as well. America has money and, as a Nation, has great potential for earnings. But it may or is possible that principal for the majority will be slow to recover. But it can and will recover. America’s and the World’s patriotism for her ideals and for which she stands must be invigorated and strengthened by consistent support of the visions bestowed by the God given endowments through ways of Human communication.

This work may ebb and flo but given the knowledge we have gained as a nation and World during ‘National’ battles of freedom it will not be quite as burdened and slow. However, while providing support and aid, educational poverty of vocation and health will, in my opinion, take time.


passage- way, enactment, ratification, success, movement, progress, journey, travel, transition, etc.




Ancestral Inheritance of Thought

Ancestral Inheritance of Thought     January 18, 2021

In honor of Humanity and those who fight and have fought for equality, particularly for African Americans, I present this analysis.

Our morals and moral servitude is much derived from our ancestral history as an inheritance of thought. Our progression as Humanity is to improve upon this inheritance bringing forth God’s Kingdom. We must correct our ancestral wrongs thus correcting our inheritance of thought that leaves one lacking the feeling of a full standing with God. I write about Collective Sufferings of Society(ies), Humanity, and our history of enslaving Africans is perhaps Humanities greatest collective wrong.

It seems to me that Africa, like the Americas, was isolated from the developing and warring World of Europe, the Mediterranean, and the Middle East. Until these Nations came to them for the purpose of enslavement for greater development and supremacy. Africa become the labor force for development of much of the World. There has been a systemic cloud of the legacy of slavery and absence of cognitive societal development of African Americans and restitution by those who feel some sort of responsibility. And Nations of people, Africa, have been left without the support of Humanity, the World.

I think that the vast majority of Humanity wants and needs restitution or restoration of the Natural balance of Humanity, the work and prosperity of those with African descent, in the World but our societies and governments have not been fully engaged.

I have written that investments in Humanity will return much greater rewards to the prosperity of Humanity and that the sum of money produced by a society must be distributed equitably to the people of the society predominantly by government so that security and prosperity are created. I don’t believe ‘direct payments’ for restitution, as I have heard a little bit about, will improve livelihoods or spirits, wellbeing, for direct victims or indirect victims of this war-caused phenomenon or manifestation. It will take much investment in the environments and education/skills of direct victims and the Nations of direct victims. I have described this before in the context of poverty which is an indication of not fulfilling God’s Kingdom or the God given capabilities of Humanity. This condition also manifests debilitating and pervasive detrimental thoughts and actions especially in societies where some prosperity exists.

It is my belief that in Cycles of God, Life, and the attainment of God’s Kingdom that there must be restitution for wrong doing or restoration of Righteousness or Nature(s) of God. And like the collective Laws we create for prosperity there must be collective restitution. It is my belief that the World is experiencing a Collective Suffering regarding the treatment of people of African descent.

The World’s goal should be to widely and openly declare and report and record our work toward restitution by utilizing our vast means of communication like TV, smart phones, and radio to keep the hope and faith of people up by being well informed and our work progressing. This would greatly improve the wellbeing of current and, especially, future generations.




Civilization     January 14, 2021

Well, I am happy with the second impeachment of Donald J Trump by our House of Representatives. They are, in my opinion, correct in their indictment(s). While I believe he deserves conviction and sentencing by the Senate, I am not sure if that will happen.

I believe the main concern should be a smooth and peaceful transition of power in our government and this seems to be the consensus. Quite frankly, I hope Donald Trump is raked through or by both our federal and public courts at the same time. Justice would be served on many levels in my opinion. But our attention for now ought to be on our security and prosperity problems created by Donald J Trump and his followers.

Our Capital now houses more security personnel than all of the Middle East and our State Capitals have been threatened. All are seats of government. And while Donald J Trump makes statements attempting to create a proverbial alibi of words, he does not address the current threats to our Nation. He has not, to my knowledge, convened or summoned anyone for tactical discussion of the safety and wellbeing of our Nation and never has. He simply reads a speech at the Whitehouse written by a defense lawyer who has written what has already been done or going to be done by good people who remain in our government (service) rather than a speech written by a speech writer expressing the sentiment of a Nation and it is weighted with his alibi and it buys time. He is left with a handful of politicians and ‘White Supremacists’ who must and are showing themselves if they are to maintain this freedom they speak of. And since Donald J Trump has lost the Whitehouse without gaining much of anything in four years, they will turn homeward, in my opinion, and their destructive ways will begin to get them where they live. This is coming full circle, Cycles of God, Cycles of Good. They seek ways out of a future of poverty of sorts and many kinds. Good people and their communities will need to be aware of threats.

The fact that the vast majority of people are good and have implemented structures of good to serve their society(ies) makes it nearly impossible for the UnBeliever to retain control of resources. Our Nation will have it’s resources returned to service our needs and empower our Economy. The ill willed are being stripped of commercial services and support for their actions of treason to our democracy. Our Security Services will be required more than ever.

I must say the number of ill willed is greater than I expected and my gratitude and appreciation of the people with positions of authority, commercial and government, for maintaining civility is profound. I hope that they will be able to pursue their own true ambitions sooner rather than later.

My thoughts and prayers go to our people of health services who are managing the worst repercussions of the tragedy of this administration.




Restitution     January 13, 2021

Well, religion and stifled prosperity caused many people to make a pilgrimage to America circa 1600 utilizing democracy and eventually created and established the Constitution of the United States of America circa late 1700. On her way to becoming a beacon of light for freedom and liberty in the World as she put her money and work into it as reflected by our Statue of Liberty. All of this stems from a belief in God and the freedom to worship God as chosen while adhering to the laws of nature and free trade. Establishing a seat of unprecedented power and influence in the World led by truths of humanity. As the ill willed UnBelievers in the World felt the pressures of Law and Order in the World as they also stole riches from America they began their battle of preservation by dereliction/delinquency against America and her established and prevailing ideas or philosophy of Life.

Our devotion to this philosophy as people > society > Nation >World and the greater good has led to a wary precaution of unlawful actions against the ill willed to retain the sanctity of how we worship and serve God and each other and the beauty of His Creation(s). It may seem that after all this time, 200 to 400 years, we would have come closer to liberty, freedom and prosperity, and we have by laying down foundation. It is my belief that a beginning of restitution or reward is upon us and we must invest or devote it wisely. This is a period of enlightenment. An enlightenment by conforming to God’s Laws.