The Merging of Socialism and Capitalism

The Merging of Socialism and Capitalism     January 8, 2021

It is very good to see some Republicans begin to speak out against the ways of Trump’s Administration. I still believe many have humbled themselves while ascertaining what is or was developing or unfolding within our government(s). I reiterate my belief that conservatives have for centuries held very strong beliefs in God and have been the guards of Theology or Religion. It is why, in my opinion, the current Administration and their followers like White Supremacists now and long ago have infiltrated their organizations and society and have used Religious Beliefs to divide good people of differing religious beliefs, views. Moreover, they also use the differences of people in which money or currency is used.

These differences of religion and money should be discussed. Our Churches have for centuries collected money to give to the needy within and without the Church. They have retained much of our history and architecture. And taught good things to people. And I have seen great progress regarding inclusion over the years, though quietly done. It is my argument that Religions should begin to utilize the social mechanism of equality like our government(s) to collect and disseminate more money more easily and more efficiently. Conservatives should argue and vote for housing, food, healthcare, adequate compensation for work, and the like as they do in the Church. This is in fact what they are supposed to stand for and are things that Jesus taught. They were given tax free money to help the needy in times past when currency and aid was not that mobile and our government(s) were not capable. But the times have changed drastically and our country and World is in great need of help, assistance, and support. For poverty and pollution is a sign that God’s Kingdom is not being realized. And poverty and pollution have been on the rise, particularly poverty.

For those who do not bring heart and mind to God and their efforts to attaining God’s Kingdom will be left in vain. Our World, Humanity, depends on socialism for existence. One cannot separate business, the work of people (money), from a people’s government and expect to provide services such as security for more business and more work. Our levels of social mobility and currency have risen giving more freedom of vocation to those who have been given the right to Life both in agreement and practice, practical. The Religions of past have also been the builders of schools and it is a shame what has become of our education system (practice).

The Socialism of old as it is used in vernacular today does not even exist today in the Nations that employed it strictly in the past as it is not sufficient for prosperity. The World is moving in the direction of a hybrid system of Socialism and Capitalism for success.

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