National Day of Prayer 2021

National Day of Prayer 2021     May 6, 2021

Throughout our history we have celebrated our World with merriment, prayer, and food especially in spring and fall. The National Day of Prayer’s origin is closely associated with Thanksgiving; a prayer of thanksgiving celebrated by sharing food with all peoples and family. The National Day of Prayer originates with a deep and widespread ideal of peace and prosperity in America and eventually, in 1988, the World as a result of America’s and her peoples work(s).

Our prayers and observances association with food includes and encircles those in hunger with knowledge of it’s necessity for Life and prosperity. We often include food or it’s absence with our prayers, commitments or devotions, including protest and fasting, forms of prayer, while standing for rights of Humanity and God.

This particular observance or devotion, in my opinion, brings us to the duty of the vocations of humanity and our work in honor of God and all of His creation to extend prosperity nationally and worldwide.