Easter Affirmations

Easter Affirmations     April 14, 2022

Well, first, Easter begins with the, as we say, ‘Coming of Jesus Christ’. ‘Coming’ in general means that which approaches and/or arrives and in Life most often means the advancement or progression toward a coalescing of Spiritual or Mindful things which bring an understanding or knowledge of good, of God, and the Way of Humanity and Self. It is a nourishment for the Soul. And often brings much comfort to the reconciliation or reckoning of our death or passing.

The Coming of Jesus Christ brought us good and a greater understanding of the Ways of Life which strengthens our Spirits in Life and nourishes and consoles our Souls in preparation of the reckoning of the good and evil in that Life upon death. And so it is with Humanity as a whole here on Earth.

Often thought of and talked about separately, but, in my opinion, should not be, is the Rising and Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The Rising of Christ is the affirmation or confirmation of heaven and a renewal of Life and it’s cycles and it’s complexity. And death does not bring an end to the Spirit or Soul but only that which lives on Earth. The Soul or core Being being that which reckons with God before entering the afterlife or lives of heaven or hell. As Spirit and Soul must be nourished on Earth by actions and thoughts of good to enter or proceed to Heaven and not Hell so it is the Way and Path to bring about Heaven on Earth.

The celebration of Resurrection also brought about by the people is similar in meaning to Jesus’ rising but indicates a return or Second Coming of God’s representative and provides confirmation of God. The Resurrection brought about a great surge in the belief and works of God by people here on Earth. Second Coming preparations include war with Ill Willed and it rises and falls or ebbs and flows over time as a result of Ill Willed action(s) and the good instilled in the righteous using destructive measures carefully, cautiously, judiciously, and with good judgement.

The Ordeal of Jesus’ crucifixion brought about knowledge of the requirement or need for humanities sacrifice to bring about God’s Kingdom. Sacrifices of or with moral standard.

Churches and religions since the Resurrection have remained as teachers and providers of social equality and justice while working around and/or along side governments who will enter battle unto God and good. The United States of America put this idea of separation of church and state while a nation under God in her Constitution as an ammendment while working to provide liberty and justice for all. It is her doctrine. They also formed a National Guard to battle within. Those good who enter government in America quickly, in my opinion, realize and understand the rewards of this work. And the battle within and without.

As I do with the rest of the World, I believe that God had His Hand in the creation of America’s government and still does for the making of His Kingdom. So citizens must move governments all over the World to battle for their freedom which is what is occurring on Earth. But the battle and movement is actually for the Coming of God’s Kingdom here on Earth, under Justice. One of our greatest efforts of the past marking this movement and moving the World toward liberty and justice is the King James Bible.

And at this time we again bestow upon our children gifts of renewal, growth, and development or progress and beauty. We bring to them promises of God as we understand them and Heaven on Earth.



Holy Origins: Becoming Aware of God

Holy Origins: Becoming Aware of God     April 10, 2022

The purpose of my writing is to bring a more comprehensive and thorough understanding and perspective of Life, Humanity, and God. My writing is intended to bring ideas of the common unity and how it originated very long ago more or less simultaneously around the World. The many Ancient indigenous peoples of the World created languages for communication of thoughts surrounding Life, Humanity, and God while being physically distanced and the words used are very similar in meaning. Communication of ideas by language(s) originated essentially simultaneously and the words created to communicate them have very common meanings across peoples. Writing became very important.

I write using root words with meaning of origin because I believe the World’s languages were very much created to communicate ideas of God, Humanity, and Life. In other words, peoples of the ancient World were thinking of the same Life condition and creating words of essentially the same meaning to teach and convey the ideas and understanding of Life, Humanity, and God.

It is at this time when, I believe, more formal places of worship were created and centers for learning including math and sciences were created. Sacrifices of Old, an original form of prayer, decreased as knowledge became more wide spread. Learning also included that of plants, insects, animals and the sun. moon, and stars.

Organization of work increased and many more people were healthier, survived, and survived longer. Cultures developed and travel by knowledge of the sun, moon, and stars increased. Time and timepieces became more understood.

And with this travel, I believe, came war. War for protection of culture and those things that create it and bring prosperity to Life. It is a natural instinct that does not fade with knowledge but remains and will remain as necessary for survival. An instinct given by God. Ill Willed do not heed the reckoning of instinctual thoughts; the warnings of Evil in decisions of doing or acting upon them in ill manner. There is no battle between God and the Devil for He is both. There can be no unity and peace without the Unity of God and the Devil and the subsequent concord of the human mind, feelings, and emotions. Much knowledge would be worthless if so. The coming together of mind and spirit in Life is the Unity of God and the Devil within oneself.

Like the Coming of Jesus, Wars have further separated the Ill Willed from the Good Willed and intentioned for cultural survival and are increasingly becoming battles of right from wrong or morality. And methods of war by Ill Willed have increasingly become more aggressive and violent. The Ill Willed realize their shrinking ability to exist on Earth and the Good Willed of the World are reacting and becoming increasingly organized against the assault on common good and it’s beauty by the Ill Willed. These things will lead to a Holy World War in my opinion. And Ukraine will be written as being it’s beginning. Wars will be bring good and prosperity to the World.