Economies: The Power of Nationalization/Socialism

Economies: The Power of Nationalism/Socialism     June 3, 2022

Autocrats (Republicans) realize that nationalization brings prosperity to nations and their people so they create their own brand of dialect and activities to bring about control of nations’ people and economy. They increase their power by destructive means. They nationalize terrorism.

The proliferation of guns in America is a direct result of Republicans allowing them to be for the purpose of terrorism. The Republicans want to destroy social progress of freedom and democracy and replace it with dictatorial regime(s) controlling America and the World.

They attack social gatherings of good citizens from schools to churches to restaurants and clubs. They have weaved themselves into the fabric of societies of which and often from where they intend to obstruct and destruct. They are in our governments, police forces, and justice systems. They are in our schools and churches. They are in fact both liberal and conservative and of all races.

Guns in America are historical and in my opinion always will be. America will probably always hold the most guns. They serve the good as well as the bad and in fact have good meaningful value as well to many people including Democrats. And with the proliferation of terrorism many have the right and do keep arms for defense.

But Democrats do not argue against the accounting and seriousness of gun ownership and they use them accordingly, following the law(s). There is a myriad of ways to manage gun ownership and most if not all have been verbalized or made public. And in my opinion it will take all of the ways to decrease gun violence in America.

Since Uvalde The Republicans have conferred and decided that healthcare, mental healthcare in particular, will help diminish mass shootings committed with assault weapons. And they are attempting to hide all other mass shootings behind this one.

I assume they believe that the people who commit these crimes are mentally ill and will make an appointment with a mental health expert who could possibly by reasoning with them help them understand the error in their reasoning and prevent a mass shooting.

Well, I don’t think most mass shooting perpetrators will contact a mental health expert in the first place and they damn sure aren’t in my opinion going to pay for it. My God, they even suggested that they were improving internet in rural areas so these people can call up a telehealth service. These are the same group of people, the Republican Party, that does not like mental healthcare in general not even for people who have already been incarcerated and they don’t like the proliferation of tech companies who make this possible. They are in fact, in my opinion, mocking telehealth and that is sick.

I’ll tell you what will probably happen next and that is the more that goes wrong within the US (and around the World) as a result of Republican ideals or that of other autocrats the more they will begin speaking as if the good that Democratic ideas and implementations of these ideas bring is actually the ideas of Republicans (again). They will somehow brand these ideas as new and their own. They should just help nationalize gun control and healthcare in someway and get it over with, so to speak. And provide healthcare to inmates as the Democrats have suggested.

The Democrats have written and presented ideas and ways to nationalize healthcare, gun control, and internet availability. But the Republicans have enough people in power to prevent their implementation. However, they are being confronted with their own ill intentions being shown to be evil and are finding it more difficult to explain their way out of it. And this will continue. They should be voted out of office(s).

As they are making it difficult for the lower and middle class in particular to vote for these things and contribute to impeding the investment and redistribution of money created by these people within the economy they serve and live in.

We should pay for these things by creating fairness and equality within our economy by increasing the taxes on our economies wealth and investing and redistributing it. I believe this would also ease the cost or rise of inflation that is created as a result of increased market size and services to more people creating more jobs (overhead) and thus increased costs. High job demand cannot be viewed as the problem to inflation so the answer is not to hope for or support in any way the decreasing of job demand. The answer is to invest and redistribute money earned by the economy. To create the jobs needed by and for the people. It is marketing 101. If people need jobs and the jobs are created then the market, economy, will improve being more prosperous.

These times are ones of growth and development and nourishment, inputs (money) and work, are what is needed. There will in my opinion come a day when these sorts of measures to equality, heavy investment and redistribution, will not be so greatly needed. When our economies and World are more fully developed by serving all of the people engaged within it.

Our industries and governments must learn to administer and manage the massive growth and development of economies for peoples of Nations and the World that is being demanded and needed as is evidenced in many ways.