Richard A Damron at my desk.

I was born on November 22, 1964 in Kansas City, Missouri and now reside in Texas. I have worked in greenhouses, lumberyards, farm supply stores, the US Army, and have hauled square hay bales from field to barn. I earned a B.S. degree in Horticultural Science from Oregon State University after studying pre-engineering for about a year. I am thankful for family, friends, and the kindness of strangers.

My mission is to spread or promote my view and perspective of God, Humanity, and the World by publishing them on a magazine website(s) and social media platforms. My plan is to one day become an organization that can contribute much to our World. I write and sell e-books online and I advertise and market on websites and social media platforms.

The mission of this company is being carried out by me, the sole proprietor. I like to say that my message has come from years of observing life and the things that bring joy and prosperity to it and from learning by different means bits and pieces of theologies. I have a good work ethic. Around 2004 I was diagnosed with schizophrenia which caused depression and I went through many years of much reduced memory, comprehension, and physical ability to work but with windows of normalcy. I continue to take two prescriptions for the diagnosis and have improved much over the past two years. I receive disability benefits from the federal government and my healthcare is provided by the Veteran’s Administration. I still don’t always feel whole and my sleep is erratic, tiredness often overcomes me but I do not usually sleep for more than four hours. I am still slower than I used to be, I call it thoughtful :).

I am still learning to do the things that are required for my mission like writing, formatting, publishing, and computers and improving them. And as I do this, I am building up my social media platforms by making friends and connections and continuing to view the World. I am learning how to market and advertise on these platforms and present my self and message. I often voice my opinion on how to improve things and point out things that do not aid in bringing about prosperity or God’s Kingdom.

My premise is that Our World, God’s Kingdom, reflects our own natural progress of learning and implementing God’s Laws, with some Divine intervention, and also our shortcomings like pollution and poverty. God’s Kingdom is being risen by the conduct and/or behavior of human societies, Humanity. The Gifts of God are in fact within your spirits, minds, hearts, and souls.

Humanity must continue working toward God’s Kingdom until it is fully realized. We must continue to help one another learn, share, and implement God’s Laws, God’s Ways. Our World is a Cycle of Life, interrelated Cycles of Life or ecosystems, which in essence has continued since Time began. We are dependent on these Cycles of Life and the nutrients for nourishment that support them for our prosperity.


Promoting the Evolution of Humanity and God's Kingdom with e media and e-books. E-books are for sale and links are on E-books page.

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