Happy New Year 2022

Happy New Year 2022


An Abridgement 2021: A Summary and Forward

An Abridgement 2021: A Summary and Forward     December 31, 2021

I am reiterating the reality that our cultures are very much based on the belief in God. Our words, laws, music, art, and stories share much with respect to following the Laws of God to prosperity. Our holidays, celebrations, and festivities abound with the belief and gifts of God, Life and those things that support it. Food is nearly always at the heart of our celebrations of Life adding energy and enhancing Spirit. Food is often at the core of celebration.

Life now being the Spirits of God (people) celebrating accomplishments of  Life lived together freely and for the common good. Our personal differences which brings us the beauty of our World being put aside for common good. For wealth and prosperity. Health. It is public government which serves the purpose of societal management and should be equitable. The endeavor of Humanity is this, Kingdom Come.

In this manner, serving God and each other is the simplest thing, carefree so to speak, untroubled, but in these times, not always the easiest. Troubled by things of the past and threats to the future. But often living in the present with a kind heart and thoughtfulness of tomorrow will alleviate past wrongs and help provide for the future. Though, also often, things must be done physically to bring the Spirit World back in harmony. Often it is those things in the World that causes us to be encircled, and surround us. The World and Humanity should remain open. Circles are formed or enclosed for dialogue as well. Half circles with often seated public figures are completed with or by the public. There are round tables and powwows.

Our inadequacies arise from deviation of proper and good and show up as pollution and poverty of all sorts. All of these things did not arise from bad actions or intentions and can and will be rectified by our gaining of knowledge and understanding. Worldly, in particular and at this Time, much of this gain is by technology, science, mathematics, and the also Worldly Physical Laws of God. Much brought about by the desire to do good. As in our daily lives.

Much is achieved by the most basic and simplest things in Life.

Deviations of malice and against the Laws of God which are ill intended bring with them wrath, the consequence of Hell. These deviations, decisions made, will bring torment of good and evil, right from wrong, and their knowing.




Societal Welfare and Gender Roles

Societal Welfare and Gender Roles     December 13, 2021

Honoring thy Fathers and Father God begins with serving thy woma(e)n, her family, and home. The common and communal laws of prosperity attained by keeping honor and fulfilling the Circle(s) of Life within the family are the heart of societal and World success, realization of God’s Kingdom. Humanity begins by serving the woman.

Societies, families, and communities are best served by democracy where there is social respect and equality, egalitarianism, for all individuals born. Much is socially attained when the wants and needs of women are realized. Particularly when they are publicly expressed and implemented into common law.

As man serves the woman his work(s) become more relevant and efficient. This leads to higher intelligence and subsequent evolution of future generations through children learning by example and teaching.



Thankful for Generosity

Thankful for Generosity     November 24, 2021

Well, there is a lot of human evolution and World development to be thankful for today coming about by emotions risen by observances or knowledge of past and present. Emotions giving rise to expression and discussion. Expression and discussion giving rise to improvement in understanding of division which will reduce pollution and poverty of all sorts. The discussion that now speaks most to my heart is historical events leading to racism.

Most of these events were not led by need but led by greed, a destructive desire, and also not by racism. And in this thought of greed in a realm of God, comes a stark difference between good and evil, heaven and hell. Often associated with these actions is the raping of body, mind, spirit, soul, and environment. Like an orchard and the forbidden fruit(s). Body, mind, spirit, and environment must be maintained here on earth for the soul and it’s heaven or hell on Earth. However, noted, the soul is returned to God and can be restored by Him in Heaven.

So, I am most thankful for the work towards correcting the cause of events in our historical records of division caused by greed and gained by the raping of mind, body, spirit, and environment. Getting them right for ourselves and right with God. And while we work towards these goals here on Earth, I am thankful for the Judgement of the Soul by God and the freedom He has bestowed upon us to do so. And I thank God for His reverence.

I am thankful for the ability to change and improve though I can be rigid in my own ways. I am thankful for children and their ability to carry on these changes brought about by wisdom as they see fit. And last but not least (as we say), I am thankful for Life.

Generosity roots: race, family, kin, kind, gentle, kindergarten, Kriss Kringle, genealogy, genocide, indigenous, genesis, nation, native, nature, renaissance




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