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I have provided what I think are the best link(s) to my e-books below but an author Search, Richard Damron or Richard A Damron, might be necessary. These ‘best link(s)’ that I provided are Author Pages provided by the e-book sellers when possible and can be followed.

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A Short Paper explaining the idea that God intends there to be a Heaven on Earth, a God's Kingdom, and man will have to help bring that about. And that there are many processes of evolution occurring at the same time.
A Time Line or chronological order of the Theologies of Man compiled from Wikipedia articles. The compilation has been adapted to share how I believe God intends to improve the lives of all by revealing to us the necessity of caring for all of His Creations and following Laws as described in the World's Theologies and Societies.
This Short Paper describes how I believe a Society came to be by way of Elders and Doctors Caring and Sharing for it. It introduces the Cycles of God. It further explains the importance that Theologies have had on our Societies and World. It introduces a pattern of how we have learned and progressed in the world. It describes the purpose of Mind, Spirit, and Soul and how to use and improve them in order to reach Nirvana, Transcendence, or Salvation.
A Paperback Collection of my first three Short Papers with pictures.
A Short Paper describing how and why the World Economy, Global Economy, is being formed. Also describes a brief history of the American Economy and it's role in the World. Also notes the importance of the Catholic Church.
This is a simple interpretation of Genesis of the Bible from my own perspective. This writing emphasizes the basic lessons of Genesis and the importance of Children. It includes an interpretation of a painting of Madonna, Mother Mary. It states that I believe God has strewn about signs and guideposts for us to follow as He creates His Kingdom with our help.
This Paper is a collection of Social Media Posts posted circa August 27 - September 1, 2020. As I was planning another Paper, my emotions turned to ire as the Republican National Convention 2020 was presented. The RNC 2020 moved me to post some prior thoughts that was intended to be published more formally.
I thought it would be nice to offer this collection of posts and they serve somewhat as a Forward to subsequent papers.
A Short Paper of nonfiction which briefly describes the Evolution of Humanity and God's Kingdom. It emphasizes the importance and/or necessity of Science. It introduces the Cycles of God to help explain the constant renewal of Life and God's Kingdom. It identifies consequences of not obeying all of God's Laws.
A Short Paper identifying an antiquated belief which is now creating division of people and hindering the furtherance of God's Kingdom.
$ Free at Smashwords and $.99 at Amazon.
A Short Paper (very short) describing the beginnings of words used to describe the common or widespread, prevalent, and generally known and accepted things which contribute to the prosperity of Life.
$ .99
A Short Paper describing possible or likely origins of White Supremacy, both region and the circumstances surrounding it's cultivation. Also it's basic doctrine.
$ 1.99
A collection of Social Media Posts from circa February 13, 2020 to October 4, 2020.


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