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Currency (Money)

Currency (Money)     January 30, 2021

The derivation of currency is primarily, in my opinion, a result of accounting for work and/which may be stored or kept in several forms of or for the benefit of people. The work is generally valued by society which can include several factors or matters. A Society does not value work in a manner detrimental to it’s prosperity. Vocations must be equally served by the society and the currency derived from the interrelation and coexistence of the vocations. Moreover, values are reached by expectations of personal and societal advantage which should include retirement and unforeseen expenses. Generally, endeavors are completed before surpluses of shared enterprises (businesses & economy(ies)) and the added value that had been placed on the endeavor with expectation of societal advantage (benefit, gain) must then be distributed to the society equitably. A good share of this money, surpluses/profit, is left for this purpose to a government of the people to be administered equitably for security and prosperity by taxation. This is the purpose of government. Taxes have been referred to as duty and responsibility. We also use government to collect vast information for this purpose of security and prosperity and it must be adequate.

Debt also refers to duty and responsibility and it is good in many ways, like expectations and works toward the future, for progress when financially sound. As well as being ‘rich’ or ‘poor’ with adequate security as a vocation or way of life. We honor our vocations and earnings in life by upholding our standing in life and God and the responsibility to self, family, and society. And we should respect and appreciate each others vocations and the diversity of vocations God has provided for our enjoyment by contributing to and participating in society and providing for our security and prosperity. Our vocations are our contributions to keeps of society, should bring enjoyment, and they must provide adequate security and prosperity.

This characteristic sanctity or purity of currency is held by governments being someway organized by the society. It is printed and borrowed. Currency and it’s stores or keeps for provision by Nations holds a balance, a balance of the World. Our Nations must continue to work together in developing a World Economy. We must provide for the people of our vocations in all Nations and share our knowledge to bring about a more stable value of currency which would greatly increase the return of endeavors to people, societies, Nations, and World.




Politics and Passage

Politics and Passage     January 22, 2021

January 20, 2021. What a day filled with ways to commemorate our perseverance by celebrating our many devotions, commitments, and loyalties as a Nation in many different artistic and linguistic ways. Expressions that inspire so many good things in people to bring forth to the World.

But what I would like to talk about is the causes of our feelings of inadequacy that can invade us during these celebrations. There is this thought I have heard several times that money rich people could give their money to the poor and we could all live very basically. But I argue that this wealth is still the principal on which our Evolution, progress, and prosperity stands. It innovates and moves forward our lives and inspires our young, creativity and invention. I do believe it is possible that the money of wealthy could be used to increase the prosperity of many but by investments which are sound and capable of being prospered by the Humanity that is knowledgeable, willing, and capable and in a secure way.

Our World needs much education or edification for learning all ways of our World for providing livelihoods which serve prosperity but it must primarily come through public organizations like government. Income, of government, must be adequate and sustainable and investments must serve the greater good. Our personal (political) views are such that our government also serves best for confronting our needs by first negotiating, debating, and compromising ways to represent the best views and actions of a society and thus best serve them. People do not always take kindly to private or corporate money being used in the public domain or marketplace especially in the past and especially nationally. This sort of investment does not often bring the feeling of sanctity or unity as government does. Most of our private and corporate institutions with a philanthropic nature have honored this phenomenon very well and have followed written laws of our nation as well.

Money, in my opinion, is available or can be made available for those who wish to engage in the long term investment of Humanity including livelihoods. Much of our prosperity of life has been put on hold being caught up in equity. Truthfully, it has not been about money but the expression and demonstration of the representation of all ethnicities as equal by Humanity and her governments. And the fact is that the money which has been available has been withheld from investment in those experiencing poverty for the lack of security and potential loss, thus effecting or realizing very little good.

This has come as another ‘silent’ underlying societal war particularly in America while battling the nationalism of UnBelievers in leadership who have at least supported attacks on us and our economic and political interests making them imperative to address. But I believe and hope and pray much nationalism has passed and America and the World can now turn more attention and investment to the livelihoods and wellbeing of all people as well. America has money and, as a Nation, has great potential for earnings. But it may or is possible that principal for the majority will be slow to recover. But it can and will recover. America’s and the World’s patriotism for her ideals and for which she stands must be invigorated and strengthened by consistent support of the visions bestowed by the God given endowments through ways of Human communication.

This work may ebb and flo but given the knowledge we have gained as a nation and World during ‘National’ battles of freedom it will not be quite as burdened and slow. However, while providing support and aid, educational poverty of vocation and health will, in my opinion, take time.


passage- way, enactment, ratification, success, movement, progress, journey, travel, transition, etc.




WellBeing and Prosperity

WellBeing and Prosperity     January 5, 2021

Well, I have been trying to decide how to begin writing in this new year, 2021. I would like to thank high tech/computer people, social media platform people, and those who provide the means to distribute the information or current knowledge of our World. And I would like to thank all of the people who share this information that enriches our World.


I must also say that our Whitehouse’s information is often derived from persons or organizations who utilize a portion of our internet for their communications that we call the Dark Web. They are or have, in my opinion, tried to bring these communications to the surface/mainstream by combining bad (mis)information with the concept or impression of good ((idea) of morality and justice) and assimilate it and then disseminate it on a more commercially acceptable media/platform. Still, as I have said, cloaking the bad with the good and good works of society. My concern is that once this attempt at government takeover is concluded, their leadership will begin to fail and there will be more rogue actions by those who now utilize the Dark Web and the like. We must remain steadfast and wary of such actions and report them. And despite how it may appear at times, I believe our information techs are light years ahead of these bad people. However, the Dark Web may be one of he last things to go.


My heart, thoughts, and work is still with the underserved in our World whether it be basic necessity or under compensated. My philosophy is that Humanity serves itself by serving God God and God’s World (Earth) serves everyone. And as Humanity decreases the underserved and increases liberty and freedom the riches of God’s Kingdom will increase. As it has been, though troubled and difficult, we must continue improving and building on our Heaven on Earth, God’s Kingdom.

Health and welfare, WellBeing, the principle need of Life for prosperity and the vocations bestowed upon humans by God to attain WellBeing by work must be shared via trade as the Gifts of God are cyclical and hierarchical and must be traded/shared because no One Earthly Being has the capacity to serve all of Humanity. To enable trade for WellBeing, Humanity created currency. All of Humanity. We save and use currency for the security of WellBeing and prosperity.

The principle of work is to support WellBeing and accumulate principal which creates work security and trade which creates more work. Work, the majority of which is labor, must be properly compensated or a society will collapse. Work is not unlike a food chain, cyclical and hierarchical, in that greater responsibility and value is placed on a product as it moves to completion (up). It is inherent in human nature that this value which lies in the hope of human nature’s want of prosperity, is greater than it’s God Given worth (raw material) in hopes of attaining profit for progress of more prosperity by investing. It is the way of profit and it’s inherent intention. Be it properly invested in wages, healthcare, housing, food, or to reduce poverty, etc. It is why we value things and why they are cyclical (renewable). Our hierarchical nature of management and governing, not unlike a production line, must properly distribute the profit of a societies collective work and create security and prosperity.

The government(s) of the World and particularly America should ascertain the value of it’s markets and support their collective work(s) by proper taxation. It should not be difficult as profits are reported. These profits inherently market priced by a collective society as described above must benefit and equally serve the requirements of WellBeing in a society. The injustices of a society are largely derived from improper or inadequate sharing or investment of profit in the WellBeing of the workforce and it’s energy consumption to produce a market valued product. The majority of the workforce of a society should hold a majority of the principal and be the most liquid. The principle and principal of organizations, like people, should not be jeopardized or they will not be successful. As the volume of money grows it should be invested, redistributed, to markets (people) of need for livelihood, eliminating poverty. Also, the uncertainty of market and/or organizational survival prohibiting adequate compensation should be alleviated by profit sharing and investing.

Our governments are formed for our security and prosperity. They are to govern and secure our markets in principle and principally and manage our collective profit for the benefit and WellBeing of all.

I still believe America’s debt is an international debt and I attribute much of this debt to the principle warfare of our Political Parties. I think most of us believe the monies produced by our work are more than sufficient for our management and security as it should be, but we have had to engage in Political warfare. And this Political warfare will, in my opinion, go down in history as one of the most costly, longest, constant, and consistent battle(s) ever engaged in in the history of mankind. And it has been for good reason. I am becoming very hopeful that this war is about over and our government can begin to service our needs as expressed and required by us and the World. Our disengagement in our government has been profound as a result of this war and it’s effectiveness in not serving our needs. I pray we begin to see more effective government and government service so that we can more faithfully reengage in our government(s).


Principle is a fundamental, primary, or general law of truth from which others are derived. Moral or ethical standards. A basic or essential quality or element determining intrinsic nature or characteristic behavior. Functioning of natural phenomenon. A basic source. School principles. Principalities.

Principal is first or highest in rank, importance, value, etc., chief, foremost. of the nature of, or constituting principal or capital




Economy     December 17, 2020

Well, the failure to control the virus Covid-19 has brought our economy to a halt having very little trade within it. Thank God for the other nations of the World who have remained relatively healthy and able to help service our needs like neighbors. Once again in our economic history of trouble(s) incurred along a learning curve with division, China has sustained us the most despite the wonderful beautiful perfect trade deals this Administration created to prevent trade with China. Which there are still many people suffering from.

It is my opinion, that, as I have mentioned before, inflation has been our greatest obstruction to economic stability of many of our essential workers. And we must not allow inflation to impede the progress of our economy again by not ensuring a living wage. I believe our inflation has been natural but average living wages have not been maintained. And we have added many services and products to our households. But most importantly our government has not maintained a taxation and subsequent service(s) policy for our society. There have been significant improvements at times but some have been short lived. We are also freedom fighters that remain under attack. Thank God for allies again.

Our industries have grown or faltered with the World market as it continues to move toward or transition and invest in the future and prosperity while matters of market and societal management by our government(s) of the people have been impeded primarily by Republicans. During this time however our industries have manifested an ability to serve the World economically and philanthropically while under social, industrial, and destructive attack and lack of mutual participation or synergy with these industry leaders by our government. These industries and leaders have maintained service according to law(s) created and implemented by our government(s).

They have set the innovative and economic bar for the World economy and most likely will remain the force behind World improvement and progress. Inflation is a natural phenomenon that allows service of more people but must be managed by government as elected by the people and for the people as people and our economy(ies) evolve. I will not argue against the notion that people in government can be disconnected from commerce (as many institutions can be or are from one another), however, it can be corrected by recognition and discussion especially with the progress achieved in communications over the past few decades. Institutions arise to serve need of Humanity and they fall if the need is no more, evolving with Humanity. This will continue.

I believe an increase in minimum wage and social net benefits is necessary to strengthen our economy and move us to greater prosperity. However, any inflation as a result will have to be properly managed/governed. Inflation will likely continue globally as well but I believe other nations have managed better than America. I believe we can work together as a World to continue the Evolution of Humanity, God’s Kingdom, and the World Economy which is ordained. I believe it is possible for us to now begin working closer together and sharing more of the same goals or visions for Life on Earth.

The debt(s) of America is a World debt and should be thought of as such. This Trump campaign has done very little if any to improve his or his followers standing in the World or impede the progress of God’s Kingdom. I believe that while Nations work to bring about prosperity for all of Humanity the debt will be corrected. America will continue to print money because the Nations of the World are supportive of the US Constitution and subsequent work of the United States of America.

Our complete arsenal of available services and products are not globally affordable. This means that charity or aid which is an investment in Humanity and it’s prosperity and brings back greater returns than money or currency alone if the people receiving aid can begin to produce their own prosperity.

Lack of trade and currency flow also causes recession and depression of economies. Lack of trade is generally caused by lack of work for whatever reason and basics or necessities become center stage and currency is required. It should be in the form of government stimulus or interest free long term negotiable pro-business loans. An economy will not recover from a recession or depression as well if it is secured with high interest short term loans. Monies can be paid back in the form of taxes over an extended period of time.


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The World Economy: An American Perspective

The World Economy: An American Perspective     October 28, 2020

America should not blame the rest of the world, especially Asia, for the decline of American products on our shelves. There is a World Economy naturally evolving and societal economic changes occurring. America’s decline of it’s own market share, in my opinion, was a result, in large part, of the invention and rise of the computer. People, all kinds of people, that may have had previous ambitions of endeavors including farming flocked to this new technology to learn and earn more money.

This invention created an industry which has been evolving, growing and developing, for more than forty years. It, in my opinion, was the fastest expansion of industry witnessed by man so far. The calculator and space technology also come to mind. There are still and always will be great opportunity in technology work.

We should be grateful for other countries ability to adapt and grow and develop themselves with lower technology goods that were needed by the void created by a great American Economic Transition, once again by invention, like the automobile. These countries were able to fill the gaps of the World while creating wealth and prosperity for themselves. And continuing to provide for societies of even less resources. Now, most of them are already competitive in the high tech industry or nearly so. Let us not forget what capitalism is and can do and why nearly every nation on Earth has adopted it or has allowed some form of it. It is basically, who can provide for the least cost. This is often achieved by what is called scaling, becoming large enough to reduce costs while not losing quality or service; even, as many have, improving quality and service. Most of American Industries, all kinds, that have survived the past forty years have taken great advantage of this. Much through technology. I don’t have a lot of money and find it amazing what I can get for it in America, as many immigrants do as well. But we still have inequality and poverty, poor housing, gangs, poor health, and lack of other rights to prosperity.

Our industries, our endeavors to improve our health and well being, prosperity, will continue to evolve, (change, grow, and develop) within our own America and as we transition into a greater World Economy. We should never stop considering foreign markets ability to serve themselves, however, in a quest for World prosperity and sustainability. We should not dominate where it does not serve a society and it’s people well. We should share hospitality, service, and wisdom or guidance.

The United States of America, more than any other Society, has had many and great changes since her inception which have been very stressful. America can be a stressful society to live and engage in. Buying American and urging and supporting companies, including banks, to support and service America can help America. Perhaps marketing abroad the heritage products of America we are known for and proud of would be good and simply producing more things in America. Niche and local markets still hold much opportunity in America. In my opinion, the most opportunity for making money and creating more prosperity lies with African Americans and immigrants. And small to medium size businesses of all races including startups with efficient, proficient, inexpensive capital and support. These could lead to large enterprises. Also, if you want to see Life portrayed and unfold, America’s media is the place to be. I see great opportunity for growth and support of this industry in many societies. As it is very closely related to Life and involves much knowledge to present, it is not always an easy industry to launch into. But over the last decade or so it has become easier. Communications and commercial transportation may be good industries for growth and development in many areas of the World. Materials and support for housing and infrastructure and Heating, Ventilation, and Cooling will expand. The trades also have good if not great opportunities.

The necessity of rising wages for a majority of workers in America, in a society (low to middle class), will increase the needed prosperity within the families and within communities and within the state and within our federal government. But inflation will have to be kept in check, managed. This is best done by our industries themselves with aid from our government. This is by the way a result of increasing prosperity in America and the World. America will probably need to continue to lead Economic Prosperity which applies Economic pressure on developing societies and she is the best at measuring and managing stress in a society and bringing aid.

Our government services are inadequate in large part because our government has not maintained a tax alignment with the industries of our society, with our endeavors. Yes, we have spent a lot of money on our security and the security of others, but as I have written, we have done so, by and large with the blessings of the World and out of necessity of survival.

Much of our economic depression(s), even low-grade, can be attributed to the value of the different currencies in the World and, as I see it now, this will have to change, perhaps causing some problems though it already does. This is something The World, Humanity, should learn to manage and progress steadily as well, like she has freedom and prosperity. Our gained knowledge will aid when significant obstructions appear.

Before Covid-19, Government data was indicating good growth and little unemployment and a need for more labor, which is most often provided by immigration, to accomplish growth, maintenance, and development. While needed regardless, increased maintenance may be a sign of failing infrastructures, their components, and those endeavors which support them.

I will add, fraud reduction or elimination would improve Economies greatly in many respects not the least of which is psychological and physiological. Dollar for dollar the savings can’t be beat.

This World Economy, as societies, has been evolving since humanity became capable of transporting goods to their advantage, prosperity. Surplus, better design or materials, beauty and more all come into play when a trade or purchase is being considered by participants. Let us continue to allow our natural endeavors and lives to flourish while increasing freedom, liberty, and justice for all. Let’s work toward eliminating poverty.

Use search engines, social media, television, schools, coworkers and friends and family to perhaps narrow down and find what your looking for either here in America or abroad. Take your time and enjoy your journey, you never know what may suddenly appear in your life as your life’s work, a passion or calling, or be part of it.

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