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The Blanket of Morality | Severance and Deliverance

The Blanket of Morality | Severance and Deliverance

The Blanket of Morality | Severance and Deliverance     June 16, 2022

Well, a World organization whose intention or mission is to eliminate democracy and freedom around the World (an impossible task) is, in my opinion, facing important decisions of their assault or war front in America. America’s Supreme Court faces decisions on abortion and gun ownership and America’s Congress also faces decisions on gun ownership. These decisions are at this time being made by Republicans or Conservatives or ‘Constitutionalists’ who misrepresent the principle(s) or Spirit of the document, America’s Constitution. And more accurately by ill-willed MAGA Republicans and traditional Republicans whose intentions are not destructive or ill-willed. I think of these people as humbled (a deferential respect) moderators. They have helped moderate the obstruction, disruption, and destruction of growth and development by MAGA and are bringing them to a righteous conundrum or reckoning.

Our nature is of goodwill, survival, and creation not destruction. And those of destruction should be prevented from doing so in some way. It is a shame that MAGA Republicans have interfered with the growth and development of our nation and World in so many ways. Their actions against America’s and the World’s uncovering and correcting actions of the past and understanding their origins toward equality and prosperity for all and disallowing of it’s teaching. For the wrong doings will indicate and direct us to them. Their actions against self identity. Their actions against those with disabilities. Actions against those in need of assistance. And public schools in general. Schools and churches around the World have been attacked simply because they bring prosperity to us, our children, and the World.

And as always has been the case teaching understanding through communication (media) is the most important means to God’s Kingdom particularly for our children. As I have written, I believe that schools were created or originated by beliefs that our World is God’s creation and the beliefs and actions as seen to bring prosperity to all should be shared by all. The creation or origin of schools I believe is religions or churches. People who believed in God and intended to share their knowledge with others to bring prosperity. Our children are our greatest gift of and to God’s Kingdom.

They attack those in need of an abortion which is usually in favor of the unborn, mother, family, and society but allow the slaughter of children within the school. They allow malnutrition and insufficient healthcare. They deny family planning and birth control.

They have a superiority complex and have tried miserably to invoke intellect and logic into their actions of regression, pollution, poverty, and hate. They mock our systems or ways of progress while they use them for their utility to destruct. They implement nationalism/socialism for superiority rather than sharing. They pollute our communications and dialect which creates suicides and assassins within our societies especially our children.

They preach for government out of their lives, their freedom, as they teach to destruct even to their children. We should hold parents more accountable for the actions of children along with other measures of societal laws.

They are both within and without our systems of civility and righteousness but I believe they are finding it more difficult to work within them. Though they have managed much destruction by wrapping themselves in the blanket of society allowing them to enter our ways of God to freedom and prosperity. But they are beginning to be revealed as a result of their own actions.

MAGA’s decision to associate with Republicans, in my opinion, began historically with the conservative churches of Europe, in particular, and also the Jewish of Jerusalem. These people, I believe, were the Worlds first organized attempt to teach the ways of God around the World. They organized schools and created or influenced militaries. The King James Bible was written. The conservation of collected monies. Battles ensued and pilgrims migrated to America and formed the first, in my opinion, government based on the principles of God and freedom. They brought this from Europe. And soon to follow were the ill-willed and battles again ensued in America for the rights of people. But America has survived and prospered at a relatively alarming rate as a result of capitalism and became the World’s superpower. Extending aid of all kinds around the World in efforts to spread democracy and freedom. So MAGA was created to terrorize freedom and destruct/obstruct laws and legislature, rights of people, their environments and decorations particularly in America and the structures in which these things take place.

I believe MAGA is the executive branch of the American assault on democracy and freedom and they are, in my opinion, associated with, directed by, and/or backed by a larger organization that I believe may principally reside somewhere in Europe. And MAGA and therefore their larger organization is facing grave decisions in America as they have in Ukraine which will determine or shape their future both in America and around the World. These decisions primarily concern confronting their beliefs and actions and a balancing of the Soul. Revelations and confessions may take place.

The MAGA Republicans wish to make guns easily available for terroristic actions of all kinds but at this time, in my opinion particularly schools and churches and perhaps specifically children. I think assault weapons should be banned or the minimum age increased to twenty-one. But it appears at this time this will not occur though some progress of information gathering may be made and perhaps a greater ability to prevent and/or intervene the actions of these ill-willed people.

They have been creating a situation of armed battle within the US (civil war) over the years and the decisions of the cases brought before our Congress and our Supreme Court may be the beginning of the armed battle in America. In doing so, they must resolve themselves more from our society(ies). Revealing more of themselves and their beliefs. Life and World altering decisions will be made. A second front of armed battle of sorts (Ukraine being the first) to a Holy World War could begin in America. Bringing our dialect closer to religion(s) or God and morality. Endangering things that facilitate the growth and development of our society particularly those concerning our children like churches, schools, and daycare facilities.

The nearing decisions and actions of the ill-willed will also begin to bring out more of what is, in my opinion, like MAGA, the European leadership of this World destruction. A severance and/or deliverance from our societies, nations, and World will begin to occur at some time. Churches of the ill-willed will begin to be revealed.

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In Memory of Service to God

In Memory of Service to God     May 29, 2022

In honor of time serving God in bringing prosperity to Earth we commemorate memorials of persons and events thereof in remembrance of this gift of wisdom through teachings of common and special qualities of the Life lived. We mourn the loss and celebrate the gift(s). Our memories should guard this well of wisdom and continue their spread by foster for it is the good that endures.

We bring tears of joy and tears of sorrow. We bring tears of loss and tears of gain. We bring tears of acceptance and tears of rejection. And the list goes on. Weeping can bring one to a new understanding of many things associated with improvement on oneself, interactions with others, and the society. These things are for improvement upon existing Life and the preservation of future Life.




Economic Perspective

Economic Perspective    May 9, 2022  

I believe Humanity is endowed by God to create a Heaven on Earth by learning and implementing or following all of the Laws of God as understood and witnessed by the common good to bring about more efficient prosperities and returns of work. The returns of work or service to God, His vocations, oneself, and one another being the provisions supporting Life which include the Spiritual Well Being and enjoyment of Life’s beauty.

In Humanity’s history and across the World currency was created by peoples to accommodate and account for trade of vocations making it a mathematical accounting and calculable transaction. As such it also provides values of vision, revelation, and dreams through foresight. It allows for preservation, continuity, savings, and futures of all peoples and their society. It allows for change and prosperity.

I associate this with a what I call a Cycle of God, a circle, and it should not be broken because it’s natural progression of growth and development of peoples and societies will be impeded. Idle monies created by and collected from a society must be reinvested in that society or economy or the growth and development will be hindered. It will sit idle as a pollution of previous work performed, unexchanged, basically unmanaged, and not providing for proper growth and development and subsequent Well Being and/or it’s improvement. The responsibility of this task primarily rests in my opinion with our governments through taxation and distribution or accessibility.

I will argue that in fact America’s current economy is itself a diverse self imposed and correctible autocracy leaving much monies at the top of a scale of economical efficiency rather than spread fairly or equitably across the scale of labor which makes up an equitable economy and increases productivity. It’s not the capitalistic economy with social nets and supports that it is intended and designed to be which I believe is the natural approach to economic efficiency and stability. Monies for or of an economy are much better spent and invested at all hierarchy of community by all of the values of pay scale (jobs or vocations) (selves) that make up the economy. Knowing economic efficiency ratios may be a good start to evaluating economies. Simply put it is input / output where continuity equals 1. The number One is important because it returns to itself completing a circle. It could be, in my opinion, considered both a prime number and a whole number.

As Spirits are intended by God to participate in Life and prosperity so it is that humanity must learn and implement the Ways of God and bring natural or learned talents and vocations in harmony with equitable and sustainable environments of welfare by properly allotting values for accounting purposes to those inputs of talents/gifts and vocations and their returns to society while maintaining secure nets of prosperity for all ecosystems. I underestimated the growth of inflation and the longevity of it’s rise not fully realizing the apparent capital required to reduce the shortages of the production or manufacturing of required inputs and systems to implement them including labor to alleviate human needs in America and around the World. And unforeseen effects of War and the pandemic. A complexity of interconnected economies of the World of which America is primary. But I believe it has created much work toward it’s correction and this is good.

While one may look to large corporate companies to blame in tech and investment industries for example the resolution primarily lies within our governments and their administration and management of our citizens and their contributions to the economy. However, much of this action or lack thereof by our government is and has been a good conservative consequence to the bickering in our societies and governments and resulting corruption and underdevelopment or progression which essentially began with the social and environmental movements of the 1960’s or even the 1950’s after World War II or even the struggles of freedom of black people dating back even further including America’s civil war or even the Jews of Moses. And all of these continue today.

The reserve of money as a result of insufficient taxation and distribution has come somewhat naturally or instinctually during turbulent and troubling or uncertain times and is a double edge sword so to speak and leaves few including our government with the responsibility of caring for the masses of lower and middle class citizens which make up most of a society and World and indicates the goal or center or heart of the scale of prosperity and it’s accounting of. Tech and investment companies for example do not have knowledge related to many of a society’s industries which support the necessary work of healthy societies but can and do help implement and manage them with technology. Their creation did in fact begin to shift or significantly change America’s economy and culture beginning around the 1960’s and in my opinion it would be good and necessary that these industries be leveraged by our government to improve our economy with these social and environmental changes that these companies are already initiating and allow for the prosperity of our many different human vocations.

I believe systems and methods of our government administration have been improving especially by the implementation of technology. Now they need to improve the accounting of inputs of labor and it’s returns in our economy for proper return and fund distribution for growth and development. They should increase taxes on our wealthy citizens and businesses or industries and distribute more money to the needy and middle class vocations and on a much more timely basis.

Good economies naturally run very efficiently and are largely self sustaining when properly managed. Our World economy and America’s economy are still in an evolutionary phase of growth and development and growing pains and learning curves are also natural. But we must eliminate or greatly reduce boom and bust financial periods. And I believe the best approach to this for America and the World is by properly developing and supporting national economies and aiding and investing with collaboration of business and government in underdeveloped nations or peoples. Admittedly this is not an easy task especially in times of growth and development and war but it must be undertaken.

Bringing about labor or work efficiencies with proper investment will reduce the pollutions and poverties of Humanity in the World. An economy will not prosper if moneys derived from the primary producers of money, the middle class and their vocations and livelihoods, are not properly compensated for and reinvested in. Currently, aside from undervalued government subsidies derived from taxes which are necessary in any case the other alternatives of correction are recession, depression, partial collapse, collapse, or price controls. And when this begins occurring moneys are again redirected to so called savings accounts or entangled investments which are really disaster funds or the double edged sword. This could be the way of some our countries available funds if a directed and managed investment or reinvestment into the production of our primary middle class vocations is not diversified and initiated soon.

Some reinvestment is being done by many corporations to improve futures and livelihoods and it is good. But there is not enough infrastructure or people to support the demand of requirements to implement these new and innovative approaches to the Life Cycles of God and the compensation or redistribution of funds needs to meet our costs of living or current investments. Generally speaking, investments of reserve are only made subsequent to stability of base. Our government (we) has also made investments to increase the input of labor and infrastructure for economic production.

As said, these available funds or untaxed currency or profits of production also amount to the largest War Chest or disaster fund ever amassed and it is formidable. It should be utilized by way of corporate investment and government taxation and investment. Economies and World economy require all humanity to participate but great and significant security issues within Nations and globally have also hindered the development of societies of people and people within societies. But much of these security issues are improving and are another governmental responsibility. Many businesses and social services have had to significantly invest in security systems and their management just so continuity of service to good people could continue.

And while I have written that the ill willed have no government they do use financial tools, business, and corruption to fund partial or puppet governments and militaries of different sorts to attack freedoms of people, their homes, economy, and government. These things will fail though they will probably continue for sometime and in my opinion could grow and develop into a World War and most likely become a Holy World War the size and scale of which is unknown.

The incomplete or broken circles of our World or the Cycles of God as I call them will continue to become whole simply by continuing to implement the ways of good and God. Environments and ecosystems will become stronger and healthier though they may change especially when natural disasters as a result of climate change occur. Disruptions and learning curves are natural. The good must continue progressing. We must continue writing, painting, sculpting. IT, reading, farming, engineering, researching, building bridges and roads, talking/communicating to one another, seeking and finding interest in the World about us and engaging.

And the governments of economies should utilize our technologies and the collected data of industries or business entities in collaboration so that necessary inputs can be identified and implemented into the economy. A socialist like service (government) with capitalistic results or returns. An example would be to collect real-estate data and collaborate with home builders and ensure they have the required capital to build the homes derived from data. It would require cooperation and collaboration with federal, state, and local governments. Energy, including fuel, requirements and inputs is another example of this potential method of managing. Food production. Baby formula. We need a central government with the capability to manage our economy that is armed with good and sufficient data and the required monies made accessible through banking systems. Immigration of labor and services are also required.

In other words, the greater and better the investment in productivity and frontend welfare across the World which includes security, the less pollution and poverty there will be and sustainability and efficiencies will increase. Greatly reducing the required and difficult to maintain aid.

We must work toward improving the masses and primary center of middle and lower wage earners capability of maintaining a healthy household. Investments in work levers include capital, management, and wages but inflation for these productivity increases can not exceed the ability of the primary labor to pay for them who is still after all our primary consistent and active investor. They are the key to continuity. Growth and development comes with ‘growing pains’ but humanity must learn to implement and manage tools and information better to maximize growth and development while not allowing for boom and bust periods.

In other words, the inflation caused by demand of a society or World should not exceed the capability of a common household to pay for it and the best way to return money to it’s public investors is through governments which maintain data and have the capability to do so. The common citizens must see a return on their capital gained by business via purchases. This is often referred to as purchasing power and it should be suitably maintained by our government for the good of people and the businesses they patronize or the circle of growth and development will be hindered.

Moreover, excessive expenditures for investment will fail. Meaning investments must essentially match availability of the workforce and other required inputs. Often investments into education which many companies are now doing and food production must come first. These can generally support large investments though return is generally long term. Transportation and infrastructure. And those things that support them.

Certainly, putting the masses in a position of monthly financial loss due to inflation and the subsequent requirement for outside of the home funding (borrowing, credit card) and then increasing the cost of this funding is not good. It is not good. In the past when the federal interest rate increases primarily slowed growth of companies with the cost of money by interest it may have reduced inflation a bit but still at a high cost to the economy as a whole. And it was at a time when government did not have the capability to manage public subsidies en masse. Raising the taxes for subsidy instead of the interest for money would be a better choice leaving the circle more complete.

Large companies have been broken up by government in the past to control monopolies and excessive price increases but in my opinion this impedes the efficiency or potential efficiency of the business (economies of scale) and it’s ability to grow and develop and simultaneously impedes growth and development of a society or nation or World. It does create a massive capability of investment and this is what needs to be managed in collaboration with government. Certainly excessive price increases should not be allowed.

In other words, as companies invest to meet demand there is often a period of time where price increases to meet the demand of costs of implementation, production, and management which increases inflation could be alleviated by simultaneously taxing these companies and subsidizing markets (consumers) while governmentally aiding in managing the growth and development of our national economy(ies). This would complete the circle and provide for more consistent and continual growth and development and reduce periods of inflation or boom and bust.

Beware of cryptocurrency. It has no value at all.


Economy- Wealth, Market, Country, Nation, Financial System; words of a thesaurus which itself (thesaurus) means treasure and generally associates concepts of the meaning of words. These words are synonyms which hold similar meaning as the word economy and it’s concepts and help cover and understand the breadth of application of meanings and/or their uses.

Eco generally means house and nomy generally means a systematization of knowledge allowing for the management of distribution following a rule or set of laws. It includes associations with environment, ecology, and ecosystems. A spreading of wealth and prosperity so that systems or circles or Cycles of God are sustained as efficiently as possible.

Thrift or thrifty is also associated with the word economy and it’s meaning surrounds thriving, vigorous growth, and prosperity.


Government of Societies : Spiritual Derivation

Government of Societies: Spiritual Derivation     July 2, 2021

Most forms or organizations of original or historical governments addressed the equity of humanity and it’s people in various ways and were implemented for various reasons. But Democracy and the idea of democracy is being implemented and/or integrated into governments around the World more and more. Voting being the primary means of expression to democracy. And the argument that Democracy is under attack, particularly in the United States of America, is, I believe, real and accurate. However, What we are ultimately fighting for, or reaching for, is a more Spiritual existence.

The origin of the word democracy seems to have originated around the northern Mediterranean and France. The origin of the idea is, I believe, centered in Religion or Theology of Nations and Peoples all over the World. Originating in tribes all over the World where Elders acted as governments, Shaman as Spiritual advisors and doctors. Democracy and/or it’s actions and ideas intends to serve the common people of a community regardless of their political power not unlike Socialism’s intention. However, Democracy is vulnerable to attack.

I believe the intentions of most governments is Democracy and is to serve all equally and for our societies benefit. But explaining and defining in words the nature of serving one another as God intends and is written in massive Theologies and Religions all over the World is nearly impossible in governments who’s intention it is to allow freedom of religion under the Law. We often refer to this discrepancy as the Spirit of the Word or meaning. UnBelievers are and have attacked the meaning of written language in government and law leaving the Spirit behind, disregarding it. This is a difficult battle for our daily lives and devotions and some ramifications could extend into our future. But our work and belief in God will prevail.

The battle has been extended to encompass the World. Fighting against the rights of Humanity.

I am a Christian as I have said before, but I do not believe Jesus himself will return especially just to only repeat himself. God will create another demonstrating right from wrong, heaven from hell. Heaven and Hell will coexist on Earth partially and/or wholly in this Second Coming of a Christ who will be closely associated with Christianity for reasons of clarification as the World’s of the Believers come under attack.

The Democracy of the United States of America was risen almost solely by capitalism which by itself does not adequately serve a society and/as socialism requires money and serves mature societies better than young. The migration of the oppressed pilgrims of/from Europe being left with only capitalism to raise their funds for government by the people. God rest their Souls. While the US moves toward or integrates more Socialism many Socialist societies or Nations move toward or integrate capitalism. Humanity, Humanity’s governments, and economies are moving to more common principles all the time all over the World and this includes economies.

Our inadequacies and failures of implementing God’s Laws show up as pollutions and povertys of all sort. Humanity must continue to emphasize the Spirit of Life, of God, by implementing our Spirit more into our lives and work.

It is of my opinion or belief that when Humanity in it’s Evolution to a Heaven on Earth created by God needs revelation it is given and at times a Christ is required. These things become enlightenments and renaissance, periods of spiritual awakening, and Evolution of many things.




Economy, Inflation, and Minimum or Base Wage ; The Evolution of Human Intellect

Economy, Inflation and Minimum or Base Wage     March 9, 2021

The Evolution of Human Intellect

Inflation is a natural phenomenon of social advancement usually a new product of human intellect and it’s natural result is efficiencies and increased management, including government. This is because as I have said, the production or economy, of a society must be properly managed and utilized by it’s government particularly during developmental (as I believe we have been and are now) stages to be successful. Inflation does not have to be and is not restricted to price but also and mainly, especially currently and during developmental stages, to volume of product and it’s household value. The purchasing power of the majority of our households has not kept up with or been maintained in balance with production costs or output (value or life value) of our society, ‘volume inflation’, associated with the new products of creation, primarily coming under the umbrella of technology or technological advances at this time. Reduced purchasing power of the labor majority of a society causes a gap or loss to governmental revenue which then causes a rise in costs of subsidy or unfinanced welfare at the government level of economic expenditure. Moreover, in the case of America, the government has not kept up with the utilization of new products which yield efficiencies, technological advances, creating a compounded societal monetary loss and burden rather than being the entity of broad and equitable sustainability as it is supposed to be.

I believe a minimum wage of around $15 is very much needed and even required for a successful US society, government, and economy. I don’t believe general inflation of prices is inevitable nor can it come to be as this would cancel the reason of raising a base wage of economical necessity which allows growth of an economy and society and the purchasing power of human development. And while purchasing power can increase productivity or creativity and therefore inflation, as I have said, I believe at this time we will ‘only’ be catching up with our past social advancements and increased prices would be counter to the natural phenomenon of economy of scale i.e. balance, progression, magnitude or size Economies of scale – Wikipedia. This time, as well, our economical, governmental, and societal adjustments may also come with more and greater heretofore unseen or unknown efficiencies of God’s Kingdom, Humanity. Perhaps across the World.

I do have concerns about the rising expense to small businesses caused by an increase in base wage that is in large part derived from mass utilization of technological advances and therefore economies of scale have already been achieved and believe a more social approach to maintain their workforce is necessary. This could come, for example, in the way of healthcare and retirement/investments. It should be paid for by economies of scale, taxes, as a societal redistribution of currency as a result of the common need of product for economic development for and by the betterment of all and it’s retail support. This should be maintained until a new economy of prosperous small businesses form a new ‘hierarchical economy(ies)’ filling the need of community and a new (lesser) cost of subsidy is realized. I do not wish to wait until 2025 to implement compensation base of $15 an hour. Costs of living could be decreased by sharing the costs of common human requirements like healthcare, emergency expenditures, and investment/retirement.

The poverty created by our current minimum or base wage is a reason that unemployment may serve one better than work. Work must provide prosperity as I have written and it must provide principal and serve visions of a future.