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Our Most Important Environmental Resource(s)

Our Most Important Environmental Resource(s)     February 10, 2021

As we learn the laws of mathematics, calculation and/or reckoning, and it’s related science(s) and ways of man and God our World rises and we continue to find commonality and beauty and God. All of these things, in my opinion, are what brought tribes and nations, people, together. I call them the Laws of God.

It seems even the most learned mathematicians and scientists often end up with words like stuff and things for descriptions of natural or worldly phenomenon that cannot be explained or used to equate an answer or pose a question or find a constant. Some of them have created definitions for mathematics or fields of mathematics but these are somewhat differing. Yet they all seem to apply or be relevant for calculations which can lead to knowledge or creation. This stuff or things and different ways of describing phenomenon simply represent our incapacity to discover and define or describe the most minute and vast nature of God’s Creation(s). It simply is.

With the mathematical or physical constants of lines and circles we have been able to predict outcomes of energy deployment by calculations with good results. Our varied purposes of energy consumption can be and is measured, and it’s contribution (deployment or release) is called work and it results in easier and more efficient lives.

 Our understanding of mathematics and calculations may have begun with lines and the use of levers, leverage, in efforts to more easily move heavy objects lessening the work and energy requirements. Then people began to be able to surmise requirements for this work using lines and were able to work closer together to accomplish greater amounts of work. Engineers arose and were able to calculate, plan, and predict successes of construction. People were organized to carry out such work. By looking at a civilization and particularly it’s buildings I can surmise what knowledge of mathematics and science probably existed at the time.

Eventually the knowledge of circles probably by way of the Sun, Moon, Stars, and Earth, and their understanding entered into our construction and engineering, primarily as arches. And this implementation led to beautiful architecture capable of more work by carrying heavier loads while symbolizing and reflecting more the richness and beauty of God’s Laws of mathematics and it’s science(s) as observed in Nature or Life. This observation, study, and learning brings the richness of nature into our living environments.

Lines and circles and their related constants in or of creation, our World, led us to understand things like gravity and space or spatial dimensions and volumes. And our construction knowledge, particularly beautiful and useful buildings, inspires or creates desire for even greater knowledge to accomplish even greater things and more beautiful architecture and shapes for many things (art and transportation) of achievement. Our architectural designs and indoor and outdoor ‘living areas’ will likely become more natural looking and feeling, environmental.

Energy, now including perceptual uplift of Spirit by implementing natural laws of design into our environments, is perceived by our senses and processed by our mind. It is omnipresent. Led by our senses, Energy leads us to revelations of the beauty of Humanity and is reflected and/or expressed in Our World as we conform or obey the Laws of God as recognized and understood, and as spiritually and divinely learned by us.

The energy stored in our World mostly in the form of elemental bonds and it’s ability to be recycled for our many needs is amazing. It is an energy that we can collaborate with to improve lives and we should do this with the infinite and unbound energy of the Sun. Like God’s Nature or Natural World stores of energy in trees, coal, oil, gas, and food, for example, we must learn to efficiently and cleanly store and release the Sun’s energy as needed. This will provide a much more efficient and clean energy source for much of our energy needs and also bring forth great beauty in the World.

Time, as energy, is also an aspect of work, released energy, much required for any calculation. While origin or source is unworldly leaving it as divine as energy but not tangible and more elusive, it is derived from the movements of the Sun, Moon, Stars, and Earth. We constantly check/estimate and consider time, distance, and direction in or of  movements of all kinds after energy is attained. We use it to measure progress and expectations or outcomes.

In essence, the work of the vocations of Humanity, people, cooperate together to uncover or discover and build our World by the physical or Worldly constants of God’s creation and we primarily use the Laws of God to store and release the abundance of this energy. And we use Time, more unworldly and divine than energy, to measure and calculate our piety and progress towards God’s Kingdom.

Time and energy, issued by God, for work of all sorts, is intended to be used to attain and enjoy God’s Kingdom. Time and energy cannot be created or destroyed. And we often say, ‘Time will tell’.  And we refer to ‘Father Time’.


Note: Picture illustrates the act of our decorating our environments to enrich our lives with devotion to faith and prosperity being centered between past and future, the present, and helps maintain a holy solstice or reverence. In this case, in my opinion, the picture, a cathedral clock, represents an imminent Time of the coming of God’s Kingdom. We have many examples of this sort in our environment(s).




Evolution Is Not Solely Automatic

Evolution Is Not Solely Automatic     December 8, 2020

The adaptation to environment for survival is, in my opinion, a collective of God’s design and includes contemporary or present-day action(s) of God. I don’t believe the survival of life is dependent on what we see as (random) mutations of life genetics because the populations of these mutations are much too small and we do not see or observe any such population rising or growing and developing. Certainly there is survival of the fittest, so to speak, and a mutation or characteristic of sorts may be the single most observable reason, but generally, in my opinion, this is not true. There is also proliferation of distinguished populations of low diversity in a more stable environment and this seems to be where a gene pool remains more stable, especially in extreme environments.

Gene pools are relatively stable and remain so until God or His design institutes changes. And God uses all of His design. The greatest population(s) in number exist in temperate zones and while relatively stable, in my opinion, experience the most genetic evolution yet is the least observable except for that attained by sex, which like most genetic changes, are mainly reflected by appearance. While in warm rain forest environments and warm oceans we find great diversity and Creations of life that are not just previously unobserved life.

The greatest observable example of Evolution occurs everyday, all the time, in the womb of females during pregnancy as a result of sex and even includes evolving from life in fluid to air.

A prediction of mine of most significance considering the global warming that we are experiencing as a result of the Evolution of Humanity and God’s Kingdom is that our temperate environments will warm and we will experience more rain but it’s destructiveness will eventually diminish. The skies will someday calm perhaps as a result of the conclusion of changing ocean temperatures and changes in the landscape of our planet. This does not reduce or eliminate the need to reduce our waste causing the warming because our atmosphere and biosphere have probably incurred irreversible changes. Our animal (and plant) diversity will most likely increase in temperate regions as a result of environment and as a result of our care and management for God’s animals increase, but Humans will remain relatively stable as we continue to apply the Laws of God to alleviate our suffering and the Evolution of Humanity and God’s Kingdom continues.