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The Emancipation of Communion : The Liberation of Unity

Druid, Saint Patrick, Leprechaun

The Emancipation of Communion : The Liberation of Unity     March 15, 2021

The fall of the Roman Empire around 400 AD allowed the patron saint Saint Patrick to become known as the founder of Christianity in Ireland and he used a shamrock for the illustration of the Holy Trinity.  The Holy Trinity generally means, in my opinion,  that there is one God, that he can work through a human (such as Jesus), and that God is the Holy Spirit. This to me essentially means that a human, a person, can be used by God to perform things of holiness through our own existing natural spirit.

Ireland was, in my opinion, the last European society where the leadership of Elders and Spiritual ‘Shamans’, Druids, held authority over medicine, lore, laws and politics. They were the last European society where Elders and Doctors maintained leadership over the society and in this society, especially, Druids were both Elders and Doctors. Druids, in my opinion, served as a bridge and final transition to Christianity in Europe. They had no written theology; all was taught orally.

As I have written, Elders and Doctors (Shamans), formed and led our societies for a very long period of time. I believe it is the heart of our existence or survival, the leadership of elderly and knowledge of the Holy Spirit and healing. But as time continued differences of explaining God and His Ways for rationalization and the rights of man occurred (and does occur) among and within societies and there was and is conflict. While I believe the Druid led society of Ireland was successful they eventually accepted the beliefs of Christianity and were wise to join the rest of Europe and Christianity. The World’s governments have gone from religion to freedom of religion and greater acceptance, a good thing.

The year 400 AD also marks the beginning of the Medieval Period (400-1400 AD) of Europe. A renaissance and age of discovery took place and many linguistic translations of the Bible occurred and there was a cultural or societal merging of arts throughout this period.

I still believe there are many truths and treasures of God and Humanity told and held in our World’s folklore, myths (mythology), fairytales, religions, and art(s). In Ireland, the Leprechaun manifested as one of mischief and gifts. Some refer to him as a fairy. Never the less, I particularly appreciate the stories of the Leprechaun’s pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and the way(s) in which he gets there. Over the World, the rainbow has risen as a symbol of togetherness. I believe that as we, the World, continue to come together and evolve through tribulations and ‘mischief’, there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Much like it occurred in Ireland and Europe. So cheers to Life and our journey to Heaven on Earth.




Moral Servitude

Garden of Eden

Moral Servitude     March 1, 2021

Well, I am feeling much better in the pit of my stomach and/or core of my being as the Biden Administration begins to implement their policies. I am very proud of and impressed with the reorganization and mobilization of our federal government and it’s vast departments. Patience is a virtue that I greatly respect and much is learned during it’s Time but I must say, I can’t wait to have our government fully engaged in our well being; operating again, and working toward prosperity here and abroad.

I believe that UnBelievers continue to battle for control of governments and the authority they employ by manipulating and using language as a means for agreement or conformity of moral righteousness while they continue to prejudice and employ terrorists and terroristic tactics to improve their moral servitude but/yet have no basic explanation or description of this belief, platform. They may continue this verbal and active conflict of morality for some Time but it will have to develop into truth and manifest into reality. For God plans a Heaven on Earth.

We must remain vigilant and true to ourselves increasing the good of our understanding, beliefs, and vocations of God and Humanity and allow our work to continue. The goals of and actions of UnBelievers tear the blanket of prosperity which they nourish and conceal themselves with. A self imposed poverty made worse by ill decisions of reckoning will turn to misery, salvation and deliverance. This battle will turn to an argument of Theology or religion and a supplication to God, Judgement Day.




Humanistic Schism

Humanistic Schism     January 11, 2021

While Europe, the Middle East, and the Mediterranean were locked in Holy Wars, came the thought of Humanism, a philosophy, whose origin or roots may actually extend from Asia/India or rose again (renaissance). It is generally said that the people who wrote Humanism was lacking Religion, God, but I don’t believe this is accurate. It was a study of humans and how to coexist by relating their nature to prosperity and peace. However, it lends itself to the escape of religion and it’s consequential wars of authority while remaining holy.

A philosophy that speaks of science, reason, and human fulfillment in and of the natural World where interest, values, and dignity predominate Religion. It is natural to the Human mind that prosperity is realized by being reliant on oneself and society but rarely forgetting that we are living in a creation of God. Their devotions are more humanistic or natural and tend to move on with life while religion be answered. Philosophies of Law also rose to the needs of humanity and the common good of societies during this period admonishing the whims of those in authority. I even believe the Church(es), some actively involved in this philosophy, allowed these teachings in their institutes of learning, schools. And these things, in my opinion, have, in fact, become the dominate philosophy by the common man and much has been implemented by governments. The Churches knowingly lost patronage but did not allow the prevalence of God in the World to subside nor their fight for righteousness bestowed by God. You cannot remove God from Humanism and you cannot remove Humanism from God. The wars continue(d).

This occurrence or phenomenon as a result of war and fatigue has masticated our churches and religions but has left God in our lives as Nature and the Nature of Man, God’s greatest Gift. While the Churches have been infiltrated and masticated by Unbelievers and has crept into our Governments and minds where it has survived for a very long time. The Churches have despaired for money, patrons, and the freedom of a daily devotion to God and the people of Humanity have despaired for government, a connection to society (government) and a public devotion to God. Lying apart the need for the marriage of Spirit and God, Humanism and Religion, in vocalism and influence and daily devotion; both withering for supplication (requirement, necessity) of each other. But were it not for each other we would have nothing. For God lies in the World to be found as unity, One.

This phenomenon has risen greatly in America and continues to divide the human and society from it’s money (work) and security and God. By and large they are now called liberals and conservatives, democrats and republicans. The origin of America’s political parties, Humanism and Religion?




Conservatism and Liberalism: Sustaining Life

Conservatism and Liberalism: Sustaining Life     November 18, 2020

In my last article, Reasoning: Relating and Serving Humanity and God, I began to define the characteristics of liberals and conservatives. It basically said that a conservative tends to be a warrior of God and ideals while liberals tend to serve God by serving life. It should go without saying that these characteristics of life (lives) serve each other to preserve and sustain life and this has been recorded in our history and continues to manifest itself perhaps more than ever. I will say again that I believe we are at a reckoning point in our evolution and the evolution of God’s Kingdom where these two characteristics must meld and mend differences about the understanding of how God intends us to conduct our lives. One thing is for sure, and that is we will not prosper if we do not agree that everyone is equal under the Laws of God that we have agreed upon and has been revealed by God through prophets. The fact that we serve each other by Divine design regardless of our awareness should indicate that we are more prosperous by including both conservative and liberal ideals in our Laws. As I have written, God’s Kingdom will come, it is ordained, but it will come as you choose, so to speak. I put this under the umbrella of God’s Creation, Life, whereby all Life and Cycles of Life coexist and in fact prosper or come into God’s Kingdom, the Glory of God, only when all are attended or served which is the responsibility of Humanity. It is my opinion, that we are basically conservative with life and the values of God but liberal with life’s expression and it’s care. The elephants and donkeys of our politics becoming the lion and lamb of the Bible, which in my opinion, is divinely inspired and heavily laden with divine intervention.

It is also my opinion that humanity has consistently chosen throughout our history the right path at the right time. I hope this continues. Conservatives should allow more implementation of liberal practices in our society at the government level. Our history clearly shows that it has been prosperous, but we have swayed to and fro, often for lack of money and the need for security. As we round the corner of battle against evil, inequality, and injustice, we should live and care for all life more fully in our society(s). Conservatives should be proud of the work they do and have done for Life along with our Churches but as soldiers do must now allow Life to prosper while keeping vigilant. Conservatives should remain true to their characteristics or Spirit but not allow issues of Law impede the progress of the United States of America and Humanity towards God’s Kingdom.

As I have written, I believe there is in fact an entity of some organization which continues to impede Life and prosperity in the World with conflict (war), misinformation, and disinformation in the name of God while they blanket themselves in our or God’s good works. My general term or name for them is White Supremacists but they are not all white nor Christian. But, I believe their origins began there and in the midst of and surrounding the Life of Jesus Christ given to us by God and the battle over Laws of God and Humanity. They battle for something that can not be attained and sustainably exist on Earth, control by evil, and they destroy the very things that provide for even them and look and sound like fools. But it is a battle Humanity must war for and that is the freedom and ability to live good and prosperous lives which reflects the Spirits and Souls of God more fully in the World where Humanity is, will be, and has been an active participant.

All the while, Liberals have gone to school and managed to become the leaders of our industries and schools while Conservatives have had to bicker and pander or secure our Religion(s) and creed(s) to God. The days and methods of Conservatives writing everything off to the government on their tax forms and requiring society to foot the bill are out dated, often corrupt, and no longer efficiently serve a need. They are coming to a close as more comprehensive and helpful tax laws are (will be) implemented. Conservatives and Churches should embrace this moment or movement as aid to their calling of fighting for and serving the needy at a time when it is needed more than ever as a result of this battle for Control in our society(s) and specifically in our government of America. Increased Poverty is often the result of war and this should be addressed and served by conservatives and liberals, by all. As I have written, poverty is an indication of not fully implementing all of God’s Laws. Do not now waste your time on pettiness or issues that do not serve our most important needs of the time, choose the Greater Good.

Do not forget that Jesus united many faiths and/or religions in his region of the World under Christianity by accepting their faith while teaching His Ways and representing or speaking for God. His Ways and Teachings were very similar to prophets before Him in different regions of the World. He is the originator of our greatest universal church, the Catholic Church, and many theologies or churches of different regions of the World have accepted him as a prophet and include his teachings in their teachings. Even though Jesus was a Jew the Jewish faith remains largely intact accepting Jesus as a prophet and including His teachings. We should accept and fight for all faiths as much as we do the Jewish faith. Christians should be teaching the universal lessons of the World’s prophets and their faiths and not choking themselves on conversion and exclusivity to Heaven. There is, in my opinion, much work left to be done with the gift of Jesus and it should be so, but it is tangled in these perverse and singular ideologies. Christianity can have a Second Coming of Jesus, so to speak, by way of becoming more inclusive of and working with all faiths of the World as Jesus did in his region, not necessarily by the return of Jesus. The saviors of the World are us, Humanity, and it is the teachings of prophets of the World gifted by God that we must follow. Moreover, I don’t think Jesus would wish to return and be nailed to a cross again after all this time and not yet having a more secure and prosperous World. What would Jesus teach us this time?