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Civilization     January 14, 2021

Well, I am happy with the second impeachment of Donald J Trump by our House of Representatives. They are, in my opinion, correct in their indictment(s). While I believe he deserves conviction and sentencing by the Senate, I am not sure if that will happen.

I believe the main concern should be a smooth and peaceful transition of power in our government and this seems to be the consensus. Quite frankly, I hope Donald Trump is raked through or by both our federal and public courts at the same time. Justice would be served on many levels in my opinion. But our attention for now ought to be on our security and prosperity problems created by Donald J Trump and his followers.

Our Capital now houses more security personnel than all of the Middle East and our State Capitals have been threatened. All are seats of government. And while Donald J Trump makes statements attempting to create a proverbial alibi of words, he does not address the current threats to our Nation. He has not, to my knowledge, convened or summoned anyone for tactical discussion of the safety and wellbeing of our Nation and never has. He simply reads a speech at the Whitehouse written by a defense lawyer who has written what has already been done or going to be done by good people who remain in our government (service) rather than a speech written by a speech writer expressing the sentiment of a Nation and it is weighted with his alibi and it buys time. He is left with a handful of politicians and ‘White Supremacists’ who must and are showing themselves if they are to maintain this freedom they speak of. And since Donald J Trump has lost the Whitehouse without gaining much of anything in four years, they will turn homeward, in my opinion, and their destructive ways will begin to get them where they live. This is coming full circle, Cycles of God, Cycles of Good. They seek ways out of a future of poverty of sorts and many kinds. Good people and their communities will need to be aware of threats.

The fact that the vast majority of people are good and have implemented structures of good to serve their society(ies) makes it nearly impossible for the UnBeliever to retain control of resources. Our Nation will have it’s resources returned to service our needs and empower our Economy. The ill willed are being stripped of commercial services and support for their actions of treason to our democracy. Our Security Services will be required more than ever.

I must say the number of ill willed is greater than I expected and my gratitude and appreciation of the people with positions of authority, commercial and government, for maintaining civility is profound. I hope that they will be able to pursue their own true ambitions sooner rather than later.

My thoughts and prayers go to our people of health services who are managing the worst repercussions of the tragedy of this administration.





Restitution     January 13, 2021

Well, religion and stifled prosperity caused many people to make a pilgrimage to America circa 1600 utilizing democracy and eventually created and established the Constitution of the United States of America circa late 1700. On her way to becoming a beacon of light for freedom and liberty in the World as she put her money and work into it as reflected by our Statue of Liberty. All of this stems from a belief in God and the freedom to worship God as chosen while adhering to the laws of nature and free trade. Establishing a seat of unprecedented power and influence in the World led by truths of humanity. As the ill willed UnBelievers in the World felt the pressures of Law and Order in the World as they also stole riches from America they began their battle of preservation by dereliction/delinquency against America and her established and prevailing ideas or philosophy of Life.

Our devotion to this philosophy as people > society > Nation >World and the greater good has led to a wary precaution of unlawful actions against the ill willed to retain the sanctity of how we worship and serve God and each other and the beauty of His Creation(s). It may seem that after all this time, 200 to 400 years, we would have come closer to liberty, freedom and prosperity, and we have by laying down foundation. It is my belief that a beginning of restitution or reward is upon us and we must invest or devote it wisely. This is a period of enlightenment. An enlightenment by conforming to God’s Laws.