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Voting For The Future

Voting for the Future     October 26, 2020

Well, the word is, and I believe, that we are deciding on the very nature of America, if we should direct our time and money to division, civil war, and isolationism and really no future (life) but war. I’m advocating for life and the future.

As I have written before, I believe we are experiencing civil unrest which could turn into something closer to actual civil war with many regional fronts and endeavors or industry and perhaps more involvement of foreign fighters. It is essentially a war of terrorism and hatred. It’s goal is to end the work of good and prosperity in the World which means good people and the good work they do and have done including their governments.

I believe many in America have already begun another movement for liberty and justice for all and this won’t be supported by a Trump Administration as evidenced by much illegal and immoral activity on his behalf and even by his own public commands or suggestions or recommendations. In fact, this movement was catapulted by the influence and control of this administration on our branches of government from local to federal and radical organizations.

There is really no question in my mind that this war, which I have called The UnSpoken Holy (World) War will have to be fought no matter who is elected President of the United States of America. However, a Joe Biden Administration would serve America better, utilizing our government and resources to serve the people and all of their needs.

The misinformation, disinformation, personal attacks, and turn on words used by this four year campaign has left us in much need of the prosperities and benefits of our past and present good work and leaves little room for good visions of the future while this administration remains. Sometimes, so help me God, I see no future at all except war until this administration has been removed and the damages caused by them repaired. This repair, I believe, won’t take too long and can coincide with furthering our lives and economy. It seems we have much to catch up on concerning the control or management of Covid-19.

The Covid-19 virus really is preventing us from carrying out our lives and the functions of our Society. Diseases have been used in our history to impede the progress of good people and societies and I have found no other reason(s) to believe this is not why this administration does very little to manage/control this virus.

I have and have tried to look the other way and find good to live and work for since this administration took over and we now have the opportunity to curtail and reverse this movement (campaign) and repair the damages by Voting.

Please Vote!

Final Presidential Debate 2020

Final Presidential Debate 2020     October 23, 2020

Well, I thought the final debate was more normal and actually went pretty well. I was actually wishing it could be longer, though it didn’t really get into policy issues. Both sort of described a little about some policies.

Still, though a bit subtler, was Trump’s divisiveness which I think upsets Biden very much and Biden spoke of red state virus spikes. Globalism though not stated was also discussed and once again Donald Trump makes it very difficult to engage in any meaningful conversation.

Donald Trump has really missed an opportunity to take advantage of the most powerful position on earth to work and win the hearts and minds of a majority and quite frankly the World. And even most Republicans with any intellectual persuasion. He has, in my opinion, squandered incumbency.

One of his accomplishments was, as he stated, our energy independence. But we weren’t really in a war over it, just some supply and pricing issues which were basically market driven. I hope the Middle East oil has been used productively in other places in the World. I still don’t think fracking is a good thing environmentally but I see no reason or need to act immediately believing it will fade naturally as we increase efficiencies, but certainly it could become unpopular enough to stop.

Also, for Donald Trump having done so much for minorities, particularly black minorities, as he said, I am not seeing or hearing anything about it or it’s effectiveness. Not even by Donald Trump himself or his administration. For all of this good he says he has done he speaks nothing of it but for sound bites and then goes back to his work. He blames the press for it. And fans the flames of division.

Donald Trump has remained and worked behind closed doors to accomplish his goals which have and are in my opinion dividing and destroying our Union.

Well, we must now fair and weather an election and see what this old World brings us. Please Vote!

Economy: Depressions and Prosperity

Economy: Depressions and Prosperity     October 18, 2020

A Depression is the condition of being economically and socially below standard causing widespread poverty and unemployment. Economical decline in business activity and falling prices.

Depressions are caused by something affecting the ability of a society to express it’s innate prosperity. They are a natural occurrence of furthering or getting to God’s Kingdom.  They are an expression or symptom of a problem within a society. And given Our nature to travel/sightsee, experience, and trade with other cultures (see my ebook, ‘A Short Paper: Understanding Our World and How To Make It Better God’s Way’), we are and have been creating a World Economy. So, one depressed society can cause depression within another society and possibly the World. Basically, developed nations should maintain their economies while supporting the development of new economies, societies, to increase prosperity in the World. Depressions should not  normally or naturally be caused by government policy. However, wars, military and trade, for example, can cause depressions.

Moreover, it is things that are shared in bulk by societies which affect our societies and the World Economy the most, like currencies, food, and all transportation. These things being equal and plenty would reduce depressions, both societal and World.

Societies, America for example, like people and companies, can over invest, spend too much money and cause a depression. America has done so in her mission of fighting for and bringing liberty and justice for all (The current Administration has exacerbated the costs of bringing liberty and justice to others by not working for the care of America’s citizens). However, she has done so with the backing, help, and support of the majority of the World’s powers, developed nations. She has not stood alone. One good reason is the sharing of America’s philosophy that liberty and freedom brings prosperity, her ability to produce goods, her ingenuity, and advanced military. And while America has led this battle of poverty and freedom other nations have continued to improve their own societies and economies, and have become more capable of aiding the needy in the World. In some cases, the work or fruit of aid is hidden in the simple act of immigration/integration, even if it is temporary. Immigration coupled with integration can help reduce the effects of depression, both on the people of a society and the World.

Certainly then, national governments’ decisions do have an effect on a societies economy when eliminating poverty and can cause depressions but when done for the greater good it’s returns are realized ‘ten fold’. It is the national powers of the World deploying it’s best Governments for the task at hand in spreading liberty and freedom, not unlike a military deploying it’s best battle group, like an elite corps for a battle mission.

You can’t forget the Statue of Liberty in New York given by France in 1886 and it’s coming to mean or represent the work for liberty, justice, and freedom.

Wealth disparity has grown because the majority of people still need and use the services provided by companies and industries while the people’s income has been greatly reduced.  But, more important, the people of most of these companies have adequate income, savings, and their healthcare has been well underwritten albeit more than likely expensive. We shouldn’t be blaming companies for wealth disparity when it is for us and our government to calculate. Our government being the professionals to which this task should be levied.

Most of these companies have done much greater good than harm by understanding or realizing the political and economical environment for which they operate. And, let us not forget the cyber wars these companies have been fighting for decades now with little governmental help because we, our government, has not yet invested in it. Perhaps because there is not enough money. Perhaps our government is doing all it can do with what personnel they have. This cyber war will likely get worse.

It is also possible to have more money than can be deployed as a returnable investment at any one time. It is often futuristic, on the table however (like saving money for a rainy day, so to speak). This can be a very difficult environment to work in.

For a fuller understanding of our Economy, I refer you to my ebook, ‘The World Economy’. So, inadequate income, savings, healthcare, and tax policies are causing a depression in America not well managed and invested companies in good financial standing.

Had we listened to Democrats four years ago we probably would have avoided this situation. We were on the rise after coming out of the World’s Great Recession of 07′-09′. We still have our Economy. Technically, it can be returned to but will need work and improvements. But it needs to be started again and we can’t really do that until we are safe and healthy. We can’t even go to school. We are running on bare bones, missing many cylinders and it is our essential workers, those who provide for our everyday needs, who are afflicted the most and experiencing the most misery.

Education is another component of prosperity and is lacking in many areas of the World and among minorities in America which is affecting their ability to work and it shows up in America it shows up in numbers and is dubbed discrimination in many of our companies/industries. But quotas for hiring will not work; that’s been tried. This shows up as depression in a society as well. It is true that people who work can not indefinitely support people who do not work without going into debt as America has. Humans are meant to work and share and participate in their societies/economy. One person can only produce enough for so many other people. Money can be pooled as with a government for better service of unemployed but one needs opportunity and the means to work for a society to be prosperous. A Society can also pool money at the government/federal level and provide education for everyone no matter where they live!

I’ll tell you what else may be bothering everyone and that is having a president who uses the powers instilled by our Constitution to the presidential office for quicker response to situations having negative impact to our nation, society, and people for instilling his own undeclared policies which are causing great harm to our nation. He is a fraud. People may find no advantage in direct action against him until he is gone.

The Historically Good World Endeavor

The Historically Good World Endeavor     October 14, 2020

I have realized in my own work history when I begin to lead people my attitude changes immensely. I become even more of a servant, protective, and usually I am full of questions and want to know what support is available. I believe this to be true for all professions or vocations. I also look at the history and common tasks of the role or position to see how I move forward. And I look to see if I believe my own ideals, gifts, and insights might improve the environment of the work being done.

The role of our government is to fight for and put in place liberty and justice for all in the World, always has been. It is the only one of it’s kind. With these offices of elected officials comes great responsibility and leadership. As I think about being a president or even a Lower House Representative, I find it hard to do, so many things to consider. I can only imagine what must land on those desks, especially the president. And I realize as with many candidates and like most of us pushing for a bigger role comes the unknown. But when one makes it, the responsibility and reality lands with all it’s weight.

Our government, the US government is, in my opinion, at this time, the largest institution on earth as a result of it’s Constitution and serves the most people on earth including those of foreign countries. One could argue that China does, and I don’t think that I would disagree. But we are probably still the most diverse and flexible in many ways. I didn’t mean to imply in yesterdays post that I think our foreign aid will completely cease, though it may, I believe it will remain, only not as much by our federal government (what do you think?). I think businesses may become the primary aid in foreign countries in the coming years. And I do believe other countries can now as a result of America’s work help more with developing countries.

As the World, people, become more free of oppression and the security of their environment is increased more travelers come and there is more trade. There are more opportunities for human vocations, work. And with this comes the requirements of all necessary support and more work. All of this frees up their God given Spirits and a life to be expressed, lived.

Our government and this nation has been heavily labored with preserving and maintaining it’s existence since it’s inception. We have battled countries from small to large and we have battled terrorists and have incurred much financial losses as a result of fraud. With the victory of these battles has come the responsibility to maintain the victory. Also to search out other threats against liberty and justice in the World. We now have formed many international relationships by eliminating threats to democracy and we must maintain them as well. These relationships most often include services of all kinds; perhaps especially business or commercial. And this is how the existing Global Economy blossomed. I call it World Economy.

America’s and now much of the World’s task is to continue providing the means of and for liberty and justice, freedom, for all. We, including America, have not fully accomplished this yet and it shows up as poverty, pollution, and conflict. As it does elsewhere in the World. This, I have written, is an indication that God’s Kingdom, Laws, have not been fully implemented and realized yet. We must keep working for good in the World, for God’s people, children. The Believers.

However, as I said, America has expended much of her resources on this endeavor per her Constitution as presidents realize and understand the prosperity of liberty and justice and it’s return on investment. But we really don’t have much left for ourselves now. Even our infrastructure is worn out. We have also not maintained the level of investment required by our federal Government, taxes, as our Economy allows.

This is perhaps what helped get Donald Trump elected. Our work should turn much more to America now but Donald Trump has not done this. He has only withdrew us from the World and eliminated or crippled much of our Economic support systems and mismanaged Covid-19. He has mocked America’s philosophy and Constitution of liberty and justice for all by litigating historical interpretations and replacing them with his own. Most have found this to be so outlandish or so foolish as to not waste too much time on it. However, he has done great harm to our country and some of it legally.

He has tried to destroy the Spirit of our Society. In my opinion, it is nearly impossible to delineate laws which prevent or discourage every possible means of attack on our legal system. I question whether it is worth our time and effort or if we should just wait until this ends and begin to be more vigilant as to who we allow to hold offices and public positions of service to us.

Be sure to Vote! and take care of yourself and one another. Share your gifts. My e-book, ‘Possible Origins of White Supremacy’, supplements the substance or essence of this post well.