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Christmas Card 2020

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Spirit of Aspirations

Spirit of Aspirations     December 10, 2020

Well, these late delusional actions by this current Administration and the Republicans of Congress of a win (or parting shot) by attaching strings to direct aid and searching and utilizing loopholes in laws of Humanity which divide our commerce from our person or being, especially the Senate, have taken my aspirations of a good cheerful Christmas and turned it into a prayer or aspiration that the wealth of all sorts of Spirit Filled Believers will serve the poor like the Greek Saint Nicholas of the 4th century Roman Empire, imbuing spirit of God to merchants, women, and children.

I do still believe that the good have taken to heart and mind the brevity of our current war on poverty of all sorts and understand the power of insight and the it’s return to good when applied or employed at the correct time (patience). Timing is very important and is most often considered by a myriad of potential consequences, usually a diminished suffering in length or severity is the ultimate goal.

Ill willed people are turning delusional as the laws of prosperity which have provided a blanket for their fraud are exercised and are mostly found futile. But they are utilizing and running out of time which we all share and that I wish we had solely for ourselves, for good. They will have come full circle to a reckoning.

The assault on our social activities will continue and the assault on social media will most likely spread to more advanced technologies.

They will end up in a hate filled tormented hell tenfold what they are or will be beginning to experience on Earth. On Earth as it is in Heaven.

For God imbues us with a spirit of love and allows the freedom of choice to live and act according to laws of necessity which include things of destruction and are not intended to do harm to His Creation(s) but retain or maintain a Heaven on Earth, a circle or Cycles of Life. These destructive actions most often result in renewal, preservation, and regeneration of Life. And those of good will do not take them lightly, extending much caution and consideration. For while God’s Creations and Life is capable of change and evolution God’s Ways and God do not. God is steadfast for Life on Earth.

Please help spread good cheer and the Spirit of Christmas, of God’s and Good work. For me, it is cheer (good spirit), much food, and a little gift.

Evolution Is Not Solely Automatic

Evolution Is Not Solely Automatic     December 8, 2020

The adaptation to environment for survival is, in my opinion, a collective of God’s design and includes contemporary or present-day action(s) of God. I don’t believe the survival of life is dependent on what we see as (random) mutations of life genetics because the populations of these mutations are much too small and we do not see or observe any such population rising or growing and developing. Certainly there is survival of the fittest, so to speak, and a mutation or characteristic of sorts may be the single most observable reason, but generally, in my opinion, this is not true. There is also proliferation of distinguished populations of low diversity in a more stable environment and this seems to be where a gene pool remains more stable, especially in extreme environments.

Gene pools are relatively stable and remain so until God or His design institutes changes. And God uses all of His design. The greatest population(s) in number exist in temperate zones and while relatively stable, in my opinion, experience the most genetic evolution yet is the least observable except for that attained by sex, which like most genetic changes, are mainly reflected by appearance. While in warm rain forest environments and warm oceans we find great diversity and Creations of life that are not just previously unobserved life.

The greatest observable example of Evolution occurs everyday, all the time, in the womb of females during pregnancy as a result of sex and even includes evolving from life in fluid to air.

A prediction of mine of most significance considering the global warming that we are experiencing as a result of the Evolution of Humanity and God’s Kingdom is that our temperate environments will warm and we will experience more rain but it’s destructiveness will eventually diminish. The skies will someday calm perhaps as a result of the conclusion of changing ocean temperatures and changes in the landscape of our planet. This does not reduce or eliminate the need to reduce our waste causing the warming because our atmosphere and biosphere have probably incurred irreversible changes. Our animal (and plant) diversity will most likely increase in temperate regions as a result of environment and as a result of our care and management for God’s animals increase, but Humans will remain relatively stable as we continue to apply the Laws of God to alleviate our suffering and the Evolution of Humanity and God’s Kingdom continues.

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays     November 23, 2020

Happy Holidays to Everyone! I would like to write about our end of year Holiday season a little bit. I don’t think we have forgotten the meaning of our Holidays but why or the reason we create them could be voiced or expressed more.

Our Holidays are generally created for the things we do, can do, and those events we believe are divine or holy. We also celebrate people, particularly birthdays, and mothers and fathers. We should always celebrate what we have and look forward to creating and serving better lives and World for everyone. We work for better ways to serve God so as to come to better understand Him and enjoy more of His Kingdom. Our celebrations are meant for Life and God and the work or service we do for them. I have seen this Holiday season grow like no other that I am aware of over the past years and with little interruption.

While Thanksgiving has sort of primarily become a celebration of family gathering for sharing food and memories in America which is good, I also still think of it very much as a celebration of cultures coming together and sharing in bounties as the Pilgrims and Native Americans did. I believe people share a similar belief in God and wish to share their culturally unique food and traditions. We pray for people who do not have many of the blessings of God, of our World, or Life, and try to find ways to create more prosperity and so they can share in the riches. It too often seems perhaps that our work towards these ends is too little but I believe it is only that the task is still great and any and all good works add up and help immensely. Good begets good to those who are willing and able and increases the work and will towards good and prosperity. I give thanks to all those who actually do the work. I am one who has little, but enough, and can do little and put great faith in everyone.

Christmas has grown and is celebrated by more people in the World than ever before in my opinion. This is a testament, in large part, to America’s work and thus it’s reputation and the meaning of Jesus’ Being and teachings. We should be proud of this and the people of the World who have joined the celebration over the years. This is a natural and/or spiritual phenomenon in my opinion and will only continue. I hope to see more inclusion of our cultures in our celebrations as it brings unity to mind and perhaps a want to learn more. I have seen this in many of the World’s decorations for the Holidays. But, I believe, we should maintain the richness of our own cultures as well.

The end of our calendar year seems a natural time to reflect on our progress towards God’s Kingdom, our Lives, give thanks for it, and plan for the next. It is a renewing and a thanking and a prayer all in one. A time to feast and rest. And we wish good things for everyone. Happy Holidays!