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Reasoning: Relating and Serving Humanity and God

Reasoning: Relating and Serving Humanity and God     November 11, 2020

Here is an overview of my perspective of the different ways we serve each other and God causing a disunion and interfering with sharing the bounties of life between good people and providing a sword for the ill willed. The ill willed tend to take our differences and turn them into war while claiming our good.

For a moment, this will take us to the subject of money and specifically taxes in America. The so called conservative right of religion believes in military but not social services like social security, food security, medicare/medicaid, etc. The liberal left do not believe in the use of military force to invoke change and do believe in and support social services like social security, food security, medicare/medicaid, etc.

Many conservatives would rather address the shortcomings of Humanity solely with chapter and verse of the Bible which is often taken out of context and definitely taken from a time passed. Conservatives seem to believe it is alright to collect money in donation and tithe to help one another but do not believe in social services like social security, food security, medicare/medicaid, etc. which serves a much broader population, everyone and anyone who needs it. It makes absolutely no sense at all to tithe 10%  but refuse aid through government to those in need. Particularly a government based on rights of men given by God. The Bible alone will not further God’s Kingdom nor will the charity derived from it. God’s Kingdom must be implemented with the knowledge and acceptance of all good people on Earth who are in God’s image, reflections of God, and their gifts. To exclude people for religion, sex, origin, idea, etc. is to exclude more than a majority of God’s Human Creation.

Your conflict or crusade will continue forever because God is not going to change the Spirit(s) of Humanity. There will always be blacks, gays, and Muslims born in my opinion, and with differing views. We should help them all; together, through government. If you and our nation continue this way, you, like our nation, will be serving more people with less money. You are working your way out of society and the World and doing more harm than good. Tax exemptions were given because these organizations help people but they are old and abused; though I am not advocating their abolishment at this time. In fact, I am saying expand your services through government and stand with those who wish to serve people no matter their race, religion, sex, or origin like our Founding Fathers intended.

Conservatives seem also to believe in a strong military to maintain their constitution/beliefs. So do I, but it will not come without change on both sides of the differing/warring parties. I have stood with conservatives on this issue more than I would have liked to have to. Once again, acceptance and support of good people while eliminating threats to their lives and livelihoods is all that is necessary.

These differences, in honesty and good will, did, in my opinion, start long ago. In our history, we have recorded it as Humanism/Naturalism and Religion. I believe Humanism dominated first with Religion of sacrifices, rights of passage, repentance, etc. But it is the Religious Right that has taken up arms and fought for Humanity’s Freedoms by God long ago and they still do. They do so while the left paint, photograph, and write about the ills of Humanity. The Religious Right has in fact preserved the left, in my opinion. These things started long ago and the best example is the wars of the Middle East and the collection and discussion of ideas around the Mediterranean.

Moreover, in my opinion, the Religious Right should be recognized for and realize their own history of building of schools and teaching everyone about the World, about the Laws of God including sciences and the like. And they built grand beautiful churches as well also adorned with the beauty of art. We have somehow fought our way to freedom while gazing at and reading about it in the work of leftists liberals and their depictions of Heaven on Earth while they pick flowers from the field to bring home and study and teach the very life knowledge collected by Religious people of the past that include Theologies.

This I believe is a natural design of God’s Humanity. But the conservative must come to Spiritually accept the liberal and the liberal must come to Spiritually accept the conservative and they must decide on our future. It is now a time of great decision making, reckoning. The Far Right or White Supremacists or terrorists must not be allowed to interfere in a gathering and coming together of differing roles and approaches to life in a society as we must do so now, becoming more alike than not.

I have lumped all conservatives in one description and all liberals in another like is occasion to do so to speak in this overview though we all know this is not true. I consider myself a conservative liberal and I know of liberal conservatives. I stand with the military, policeman and intelligence but I work for the liberal and women and children. Let us not allow extremists to create swords with our words and use guns against our bodies and works.

I hope and believe America has chosen good people to serve them in government this election whether republican or liberal. I would vote for either as I have in the past. And let us protect our values and paths in a way that includes all good views on life and it’s return of love, beauty, and prosperity for all in the World.

As I have written I believe we are in what I call the Unspoken Holy World War where the United States of America has become the primary target once again since the attack on September 11. However, this time they have planned to control our government and society in an effort to destroy it from within. And my gravest concern that our military/security and intelligence agencies have been or will be compromised is occurring. But honestly, if my theory is correct, I hope they exhaust all avenues of doing so, so that we can get on with our lives. They have created a division from which there is little return which is normally how it goes when one goes against good and right.

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pre-Election Contemplations 2020

Pre-Election Contemplations     October 2, 2020

Well, I am sort of at a loss of words being tired of argument and having discussed our election in a reasonable or natural way despite Donald Trump’s crusade of division. I say, divide, and get it over with. I and my posts have gone through emotions of anger, to reasoning, to a sort of historical perspective of our countries heritage/founding and asking you to discover your visions of the US and World and act accordingly. The process of managing and learning from our emotions which can vary from individual to individual and expressing them is normal but we shouldn’t allow the cause of negative emotions or excessive burden to remain with us, as people or a nation. As we say, our struggle, our work, must go on.

I think we are all tired of Donald Trump’s Campaign, the corona virus, and our bad economy as a result. I think that I am trying to rest up for whatever happens come election day. These sort of regimes or hostile takeovers don’t last as long as they used to around the World, but I must say there will be a great sigh of relief for me if Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are elected.

I still believe America is destined for more greatness and we must work for it while allowing for rejuvenation. Much work is needed within the US especially concerning minorities before we can fully reengage, spread our wings, with and/or for the World. America will need the help of minorities to improve prosperity as much as they need our help, and they will want to help. We must help at all levels of society, private and public (local, state, and federal) utilizing all entities and citizens, their support systems, and products and services.

We also need to help our governments by electing true politicians. Politicians are real people, naturally political, and, as I have said, they are good people often employing more of their heart than most to manage and represent our social services and the values and beliefs of our society. They are often the most humblest and joyous of us all.

I still believe we are in a period of Enlightenment which will be followed by a Renaissance and historically includes some mental/spiritual struggles, soul searching, with the realization of God and God’s Life consequences perhaps particularly with the allowance of inaction or bad actions. We all will experience this to varying degrees and some of us with less than our own ideal environments will require more help. We must choose our paths to prosperity and God’s Kingdom and further or move forward by making the right decisions to progress, hopefully with the help of others of all kinds, humanity. Perhaps taking another bite of the Apple.

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The World Economy: An American Perspective

The World Economy: An American Perspective     October 28, 2020

America should not blame the rest of the world, especially Asia, for the decline of American products on our shelves. There is a World Economy naturally evolving and societal economic changes occurring. America’s decline of it’s own market share, in my opinion, was a result, in large part, of the invention and rise of the computer. People, all kinds of people, that may have had previous ambitions of endeavors including farming flocked to this new technology to learn and earn more money.

This invention created an industry which has been evolving, growing and developing, for more than forty years. It, in my opinion, was the fastest expansion of industry witnessed by man so far. The calculator and space technology also come to mind. There are still and always will be great opportunity in technology work.

We should be grateful for other countries ability to adapt and grow and develop themselves with lower technology goods that were needed by the void created by a great American Economic Transition, once again by invention, like the automobile. These countries were able to fill the gaps of the World while creating wealth and prosperity for themselves. And continuing to provide for societies of even less resources. Now, most of them are already competitive in the high tech industry or nearly so. Let us not forget what capitalism is and can do and why nearly every nation on Earth has adopted it or has allowed some form of it. It is basically, who can provide for the least cost. This is often achieved by what is called scaling, becoming large enough to reduce costs while not losing quality or service; even, as many have, improving quality and service. Most of American Industries, all kinds, that have survived the past forty years have taken great advantage of this. Much through technology. I don’t have a lot of money and find it amazing what I can get for it in America, as many immigrants do as well. But we still have inequality and poverty, poor housing, gangs, poor health, and lack of other rights to prosperity.

Our industries, our endeavors to improve our health and well being, prosperity, will continue to evolve, (change, grow, and develop) within our own America and as we transition into a greater World Economy. We should never stop considering foreign markets ability to serve themselves, however, in a quest for World prosperity and sustainability. We should not dominate where it does not serve a society and it’s people well. We should share hospitality, service, and wisdom or guidance.

The United States of America, more than any other Society, has had many and great changes since her inception which have been very stressful. America can be a stressful society to live and engage in. Buying American and urging and supporting companies, including banks, to support and service America can help America. Perhaps marketing abroad the heritage products of America we are known for and proud of would be good and simply producing more things in America. Niche and local markets still hold much opportunity in America. In my opinion, the most opportunity for making money and creating more prosperity lies with African Americans and immigrants. And small to medium size businesses of all races including startups with efficient, proficient, inexpensive capital and support. These could lead to large enterprises. Also, if you want to see Life portrayed and unfold, America’s media is the place to be. I see great opportunity for growth and support of this industry in many societies. As it is very closely related to Life and involves much knowledge to present, it is not always an easy industry to launch into. But over the last decade or so it has become easier. Communications and commercial transportation may be good industries for growth and development in many areas of the World. Materials and support for housing and infrastructure and Heating, Ventilation, and Cooling will expand. The trades also have good if not great opportunities.

The necessity of rising wages for a majority of workers in America, in a society (low to middle class), will increase the needed prosperity within the families and within communities and within the state and within our federal government. But inflation will have to be kept in check, managed. This is best done by our industries themselves with aid from our government. This is by the way a result of increasing prosperity in America and the World. America will probably need to continue to lead Economic Prosperity which applies Economic pressure on developing societies and she is the best at measuring and managing stress in a society and bringing aid.

Our government services are inadequate in large part because our government has not maintained a tax alignment with the industries of our society, with our endeavors. Yes, we have spent a lot of money on our security and the security of others, but as I have written, we have done so, by and large with the blessings of the World and out of necessity of survival.

Much of our economic depression(s), even low-grade, can be attributed to the value of the different currencies in the World and, as I see it now, this will have to change, perhaps causing some problems though it already does. This is something The World, Humanity, should learn to manage and progress steadily as well, like she has freedom and prosperity. Our gained knowledge will aid when significant obstructions appear.

Before Covid-19, Government data was indicating good growth and little unemployment and a need for more labor, which is most often provided by immigration, to accomplish growth, maintenance, and development. While needed regardless, increased maintenance may be a sign of failing infrastructures, their components, and those endeavors which support them.

I will add, fraud reduction or elimination would improve Economies greatly in many respects not the least of which is psychological and physiological. Dollar for dollar the savings can’t be beat.

This World Economy, as societies, has been evolving since humanity became capable of transporting goods to their advantage, prosperity. Surplus, better design or materials, beauty and more all come into play when a trade or purchase is being considered by participants. Let us continue to allow our natural endeavors and lives to flourish while increasing freedom, liberty, and justice for all. Let’s work toward eliminating poverty.

Use search engines, social media, television, schools, coworkers and friends and family to perhaps narrow down and find what your looking for either here in America or abroad. Take your time and enjoy your journey, you never know what may suddenly appear in your life as your life’s work, a passion or calling, or be part of it.

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Economy: Depressions and Prosperity

Economy: Depressions and Prosperity     October 18, 2020

A Depression is the condition of being economically and socially below standard causing widespread poverty and unemployment. Economical decline in business activity and falling prices.

Depressions are caused by something affecting the ability of a society to express it’s innate prosperity. They are a natural occurrence of furthering or getting to God’s Kingdom.  They are an expression or symptom of a problem within a society. And given Our nature to travel/sightsee, experience, and trade with other cultures (see my ebook, ‘A Short Paper: Understanding Our World and How To Make It Better God’s Way’), we are and have been creating a World Economy. So, one depressed society can cause depression within another society and possibly the World. Basically, developed nations should maintain their economies while supporting the development of new economies, societies, to increase prosperity in the World. Depressions should not  normally or naturally be caused by government policy. However, wars, military and trade, for example, can cause depressions.

Moreover, it is things that are shared in bulk by societies which affect our societies and the World Economy the most, like currencies, food, and all transportation. These things being equal and plenty would reduce depressions, both societal and World.

Societies, America for example, like people and companies, can over invest, spend too much money and cause a depression. America has done so in her mission of fighting for and bringing liberty and justice for all (The current Administration has exacerbated the costs of bringing liberty and justice to others by not working for the care of America’s citizens). However, she has done so with the backing, help, and support of the majority of the World’s powers, developed nations. She has not stood alone. One good reason is the sharing of America’s philosophy that liberty and freedom brings prosperity, her ability to produce goods, her ingenuity, and advanced military. And while America has led this battle of poverty and freedom other nations have continued to improve their own societies and economies, and have become more capable of aiding the needy in the World. In some cases, the work or fruit of aid is hidden in the simple act of immigration/integration, even if it is temporary. Immigration coupled with integration can help reduce the effects of depression, both on the people of a society and the World.

Certainly then, national governments’ decisions do have an effect on a societies economy when eliminating poverty and can cause depressions but when done for the greater good it’s returns are realized ‘ten fold’. It is the national powers of the World deploying it’s best Governments for the task at hand in spreading liberty and freedom, not unlike a military deploying it’s best battle group, like an elite corps for a battle mission.

You can’t forget the Statue of Liberty in New York given by France in 1886 and it’s coming to mean or represent the work for liberty, justice, and freedom.

Wealth disparity has grown because the majority of people still need and use the services provided by companies and industries while the people’s income has been greatly reduced.  But, more important, the people of most of these companies have adequate income, savings, and their healthcare has been well underwritten albeit more than likely expensive. We shouldn’t be blaming companies for wealth disparity when it is for us and our government to calculate. Our government being the professionals to which this task should be levied.

Most of these companies have done much greater good than harm by understanding or realizing the political and economical environment for which they operate. And, let us not forget the cyber wars these companies have been fighting for decades now with little governmental help because we, our government, has not yet invested in it. Perhaps because there is not enough money. Perhaps our government is doing all it can do with what personnel they have. This cyber war will likely get worse.

It is also possible to have more money than can be deployed as a returnable investment at any one time. It is often futuristic, on the table however (like saving money for a rainy day, so to speak). This can be a very difficult environment to work in.

For a fuller understanding of our Economy, I refer you to my ebook, ‘The World Economy’. So, inadequate income, savings, healthcare, and tax policies are causing a depression in America not well managed and invested companies in good financial standing.

Had we listened to Democrats four years ago we probably would have avoided this situation. We were on the rise after coming out of the World’s Great Recession of 07′-09′. We still have our Economy. Technically, it can be returned to but will need work and improvements. But it needs to be started again and we can’t really do that until we are safe and healthy. We can’t even go to school. We are running on bare bones, missing many cylinders and it is our essential workers, those who provide for our everyday needs, who are afflicted the most and experiencing the most misery.

Education is another component of prosperity and is lacking in many areas of the World and among minorities in America which is affecting their ability to work and it shows up in America it shows up in numbers and is dubbed discrimination in many of our companies/industries. But quotas for hiring will not work; that’s been tried. This shows up as depression in a society as well. It is true that people who work can not indefinitely support people who do not work without going into debt as America has. Humans are meant to work and share and participate in their societies/economy. One person can only produce enough for so many other people. Money can be pooled as with a government for better service of unemployed but one needs opportunity and the means to work for a society to be prosperous. A Society can also pool money at the government/federal level and provide education for everyone no matter where they live!

I’ll tell you what else may be bothering everyone and that is having a president who uses the powers instilled by our Constitution to the presidential office for quicker response to situations having negative impact to our nation, society, and people for instilling his own undeclared policies which are causing great harm to our nation. He is a fraud. People may find no advantage in direct action against him until he is gone.