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Easter 2021

Easter 2021     April 3, 2021

Easter, to me, is really about celebrating the coming together of three of our largest religions, Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. Christianity, Jesus, bringing many ‘European religions’ and folklores together or closer together, and bringing Judaism and Islam closer together with this new European/Mediterranean/Middle East religion, Christianity. In fact the annual period of celebration of Easter dates back even further than Jesus, to Moses and the Passover of the Angel of Death or Dark Angel and even further to Shavuot (Pentecost) coinciding with the barley or wheat harvest and Sukkot (Temples or Tents) which included pilgrimages and festivities with Priests.

The Passover may have originated as a rite of magic by God, intended to turn away harm or evil influences and became the ninth of ten plagues, Angel of Death, of Moses. Afterwards hyssop (oregano) was used to daub the blood of sheep on lintels and door posts to celebrate Passover. In my opinion, it is a warning of the Dark Angel and it’s influence on those who wish to do Israelites harm. Even further back in time, during the same time of year but before Passover, agricultural festivals, the Mesopotamian (Babylonian and Assyrian) Akita festival celebrated the sowing of barley and Canaanite celebrated the barley harvest using unleavened bread.

The period of Easter celebration includes several theologies, mythologies, religions, and agricultural celebrations prior to the life of Jesus. And Jesus himself celebrated this period of time with the Last Supper and unleavened bread before his crucifixion being charged for claiming to be King of the Jews by the Roman Empire. I believe the Romans intentionally timed and planned to put down Israelites and perhaps all other religions, mythologies, and theologies of the region by crucifying Jesus. I have read that the Torah says the Israelites had to leave Egypt so quickly that they could not wait for their bread to rise. So unleavened bread remains a reminder of this.

The disappearance of Jesus’ body must have been a shock to Romans in 30 AD but Christianity could not be sustained until the regions’ economy and currency(ies) was free from fraud and theft. The natural decline of the irresponsible Roman Empire and a new Emperor, Constantine, in the 4th century AD helped to increase much of humanities work towards God’s Kingdom. I do not know if God took Jesus’ body or his followers removed it for themselves’ and Jesus’ sake of heart. Never the less, He rests with God. And I believe often our beliefs in the power and ways of God and/or people who do His work spreads and prevails in our physical World.

The word Christ appears to be predated by the word Messiah in literature and originates in Greece.  Messiahs, saviors or liberators, are usually described as anointed by God. On Earth, scented oils are used to anoint people and were and are used to introduce a divine influence or presence. It is an act of hospitality, and a form of medicine to reduce disease caused by demons and dangerous spirits. Abrahamic religions which include our three major religions of Jews, Muslims, and Christians, all except the life of Messiahs predating Jesus and Christianity and helped establish religions and theologies and increased the acceptance of God and Jesus and more of His people. Abraham’s legacy relates to birthright and/or inheritance, posterity, of land for all people. I believe this is why it remains in these three major religions particularly in this region of the World and in fact serves to identify them above the beliefs and rituals of their own religion, an authority. Abraham was not considered a Messiah but a patriarch.

These three major religions originating in the Middle East share much history, traditions/customs/rituals, theology, and divine people. They share ideals of the patriarch  Abraham concerning land and inheritance. I believe that good people of these religions and region(s) and now others can come together with the help of the World and pursue the spirit of their theologies or beliefs and help bring about the prophecies of their Messiahs even more.

And another Christian fairytale from Germany. This time a bunny rabbit handing out chicken eggs. Both a representation of fertility and regeneration of the beauty of time. And celebrating with feasts and giving of gifts particularly to children. Eggs are often colored and flowers included.

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Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays     November 23, 2020

Happy Holidays to Everyone! I would like to write about our end of year Holiday season a little bit. I don’t think we have forgotten the meaning of our Holidays but why or the reason we create them could be voiced or expressed more.

Our Holidays are generally created for the things we do, can do, and those events we believe are divine or holy. We also celebrate people, particularly birthdays, and mothers and fathers. We should always celebrate what we have and look forward to creating and serving better lives and World for everyone. We work for better ways to serve God so as to come to better understand Him and enjoy more of His Kingdom. Our celebrations are meant for Life and God and the work or service we do for them. I have seen this Holiday season grow like no other that I am aware of over the past years and with little interruption.

While Thanksgiving has sort of primarily become a celebration of family gathering for sharing food and memories in America which is good, I also still think of it very much as a celebration of cultures coming together and sharing in bounties as the Pilgrims and Native Americans did. I believe people share a similar belief in God and wish to share their culturally unique food and traditions. We pray for people who do not have many of the blessings of God, of our World, or Life, and try to find ways to create more prosperity and so they can share in the riches. It too often seems perhaps that our work towards these ends is too little but I believe it is only that the task is still great and any and all good works add up and help immensely. Good begets good to those who are willing and able and increases the work and will towards good and prosperity. I give thanks to all those who actually do the work. I am one who has little, but enough, and can do little and put great faith in everyone.

Christmas has grown and is celebrated by more people in the World than ever before in my opinion. This is a testament, in large part, to America’s work and thus it’s reputation and the meaning of Jesus’ Being and teachings. We should be proud of this and the people of the World who have joined the celebration over the years. This is a natural and/or spiritual phenomenon in my opinion and will only continue. I hope to see more inclusion of our cultures in our celebrations as it brings unity to mind and perhaps a want to learn more. I have seen this in many of the World’s decorations for the Holidays. But, I believe, we should maintain the richness of our own cultures as well.

The end of our calendar year seems a natural time to reflect on our progress towards God’s Kingdom, our Lives, give thanks for it, and plan for the next. It is a renewing and a thanking and a prayer all in one. A time to feast and rest. And we wish good things for everyone. Happy Holidays!