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Memorial Day 2021: Battle for the Promised Land

Arlington National Cemetary

Memorial Day 2021: Battle for the Promised Land     May 29, 2021

Humanity’s fight or struggle for God’s Kingdom and the Promised Land as seen through our visions, dreams, hopes and righteousness of simple truths is broadening around the World and narrowing or diminishing the ideals of UnBelievers. Our work and battles will likely intensify. As America regains strength with her allies and other centers of power to fight for equality, freedom, and justice, destructive measures of UnBelievers will likely increase WorldWide.

The first government assembled that wrote a constitution of laws to be guided by humanity’s best principles of Life including theologies, philosophies, and learned from around the World was done so by oppressed people with understanding of and agreement to consequences. It’s implementation began a fight of freedom for all humanity and welcomed all to join the battle. The United States of America and her allies has increased humanity’s WellBeing significantly around the World. But actions have not been careless leaving to UnBelievers their decisions.

This Memorial Day Humanity’s hopes, dreams, prayers, and battles comes to my mind this year as a blessing from those who have lived for and fought for righteousness through time on behalf of a better life and World no matter their vocation through following the paths of God and moving us closer to the Promised Land, God’s Kingdom.

But our World still requires much work to eliminate poverty and pollution thus creating beautiful and prosperous nations and societies. Most of this work involves non-Caucasian regions of the World which make up most of Humanity and areas of Caucasian controlled nations. Much of the work of the past has been administered by Caucasians on the right side of the race and spiritual or religious schism and we have lately increased participation of non-Caucasians for greater insight and understanding and preservation of Spiritually driven cultures much associated with environment.

Our move toward righteousness has been greatly muddled by politics. I still believe that good people in vocations of politics have taken stands of guard upon position of authority to battle wrong doing. It is possible politics will become even more muddled. My example is that I may have owned slaves in order to provide them more freedom and prosperity and a better future while appearing bigoted or deceitful and being criticized. As well, it allows one entrapped in a situation or battle to remain with a modicum of hope having some control in positions of fronts of humanity’s battle(s). One of the oldest tricks for manipulating money and/or actions of interest to one’s favor is bait and switch, fraud. Primarily baiting the dreams and aspirations of prosperity and then switching to actions of destruction.

Our struggles with this battle causes an inner struggle, a mental struggle, with good and bad emotions making everyday Life difficult and, in my opinion, it has struck the hearts of society, the low to middle class of society, much more hard than anyone else. Making it even more difficult for the overall society to function. As often is the case, the majority of a society, the engine or workhorse, the lower to middle class, must prevail in this battle. It is their care and involvement that must be provided to the utmost in efforts to attain the Promised Land, God’s Kingdom. We must not separate them from money, housing, food, and family and those things that support these. They should be happy in their endeavors and their vocations should support that. They could be looked upon as the most important of a military of the coming of God’s Kingdom and treated as such. The gift(s) of endeavor and vocation instilled by God should be fostered in everyone. The local communities or societies could be much improved by economically involving more of our distant business leaders and administrators of the lower to middle class workforce.

Memorial Day brings thanksgiving to our Life and honors all who have gone before us in the fight for righteousness, the Promised Land, and Eternal Heaven. It instills hope and dreams for prayer and work.

Have a joyous Holiday and Celebration(s)!






Enlightenment     January 7, 2021

Well, I congratulate the people of the state of Georgia, our Senate and House of Representatives, the incoming Biden Administration, and our country. I give tribute to the people who organized and energized the get out and vote agenda all across our country and particularly and virtuously or righteously African Americans and Georgia. I give tribute to those who support(ed) them and their recognition of the importance of the continued movement to improve the social conditions of our country. This movement has been very special to me personally and, in my opinion, will be for our country. The very people who have been repressed are the ones needed to rise and be counted and included in our democracy for progress and prosperity and they have come a long way. It would be wise to lend them a hand, ear, voice, compassion, sweat, and tears. For I believe Humanity and America have made progress on many fronts in the battle for freedom and prosperity.

Many backs of evil are against a wall or in the corner burning and destroying that which provides for the want to control the World. It should be our intention to keep the pressure on by rooting out evil and destroying it. I am concerned this war or battle will be taken to the streets once again (terrorism) and our social services must be prepared to respond along with the calls of our citizens.

I believe the Believer must bear out the UnBeliever on Earth, this is what I mean when I say we must pass through a Hell on Earth before we can obtain a Heaven on Earth. Certainly, as I have written, there have been periods of this before but I believe this time is different, perhaps being even more cerebral, enlightening. For to bear the knowledge of God and Creativity intended we must come to recognize and destroy the misuse of destruction for prosperity (evil) and come to know the breadth and depth of the good (evolution) for our prosperity. We will experience periods of enlightenment and renaissance.

The phenomenon that bad things must happen before good things can happen can become a relic by continuing to learn the ways of evil and their origins and addressing their elimination. It is true we do not and should not condemn ideas alone but the destructive reactions to a society or it’s portion and physical actions associated with them. It is a cross that Believers bear allowing freedoms and expressions until they become destructive and a common or collective recognition and understanding of origin and subsequent action is taken. It is very difficult to address a mental or spiritual deprivation of good caused by ill willed people especially to a Believer in the grace of God and Hell. The only way that I am aware of at this time for us to improve is to become more aware of situations that are not Spiritually connected or related to good and prosperity so as to address them sooner reducing harm and destruction. New ideas or philosophies of law and behavior must be recognized and declared and put into our common language and communications and implemented into our government(s) to reduce harm and destruction and progress God’s Kingdom, a Heaven on Earth.