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Conservatism and Liberalism: Sustaining Life

Conservatism and Liberalism: Sustaining Life     November 18, 2020

In my last article, Reasoning: Relating and Serving Humanity and God, I began to define the characteristics of liberals and conservatives. It basically said that a conservative tends to be a warrior of God and ideals while liberals tend to serve God by serving life. It should go without saying that these characteristics of life (lives) serve each other to preserve and sustain life and this has been recorded in our history and continues to manifest itself perhaps more than ever. I will say again that I believe we are at a reckoning point in our evolution and the evolution of God’s Kingdom where these two characteristics must meld and mend differences about the understanding of how God intends us to conduct our lives. One thing is for sure, and that is we will not prosper if we do not agree that everyone is equal under the Laws of God that we have agreed upon and has been revealed by God through prophets. The fact that we serve each other by Divine design regardless of our awareness should indicate that we are more prosperous by including both conservative and liberal ideals in our Laws. As I have written, God’s Kingdom will come, it is ordained, but it will come as you choose, so to speak. I put this under the umbrella of God’s Creation, Life, whereby all Life and Cycles of Life coexist and in fact prosper or come into God’s Kingdom, the Glory of God, only when all are attended or served which is the responsibility of Humanity. It is my opinion, that we are basically conservative with life and the values of God but liberal with life’s expression and it’s care. The elephants and donkeys of our politics becoming the lion and lamb of the Bible, which in my opinion, is divinely inspired and heavily laden with divine intervention.

It is also my opinion that humanity has consistently chosen throughout our history the right path at the right time. I hope this continues. Conservatives should allow more implementation of liberal practices in our society at the government level. Our history clearly shows that it has been prosperous, but we have swayed to and fro, often for lack of money and the need for security. As we round the corner of battle against evil, inequality, and injustice, we should live and care for all life more fully in our society(s). Conservatives should be proud of the work they do and have done for Life along with our Churches but as soldiers do must now allow Life to prosper while keeping vigilant. Conservatives should remain true to their characteristics or Spirit but not allow issues of Law impede the progress of the United States of America and Humanity towards God’s Kingdom.

As I have written, I believe there is in fact an entity of some organization which continues to impede Life and prosperity in the World with conflict (war), misinformation, and disinformation in the name of God while they blanket themselves in our or God’s good works. My general term or name for them is White Supremacists but they are not all white nor Christian. But, I believe their origins began there and in the midst of and surrounding the Life of Jesus Christ given to us by God and the battle over Laws of God and Humanity. They battle for something that can not be attained and sustainably exist on Earth, control by evil, and they destroy the very things that provide for even them and look and sound like fools. But it is a battle Humanity must war for and that is the freedom and ability to live good and prosperous lives which reflects the Spirits and Souls of God more fully in the World where Humanity is, will be, and has been an active participant.

All the while, Liberals have gone to school and managed to become the leaders of our industries and schools while Conservatives have had to bicker and pander or secure our Religion(s) and creed(s) to God. The days and methods of Conservatives writing everything off to the government on their tax forms and requiring society to foot the bill are out dated, often corrupt, and no longer efficiently serve a need. They are coming to a close as more comprehensive and helpful tax laws are (will be) implemented. Conservatives and Churches should embrace this moment or movement as aid to their calling of fighting for and serving the needy at a time when it is needed more than ever as a result of this battle for Control in our society(s) and specifically in our government of America. Increased Poverty is often the result of war and this should be addressed and served by conservatives and liberals, by all. As I have written, poverty is an indication of not fully implementing all of God’s Laws. Do not now waste your time on pettiness or issues that do not serve our most important needs of the time, choose the Greater Good.

Do not forget that Jesus united many faiths and/or religions in his region of the World under Christianity by accepting their faith while teaching His Ways and representing or speaking for God. His Ways and Teachings were very similar to prophets before Him in different regions of the World. He is the originator of our greatest universal church, the Catholic Church, and many theologies or churches of different regions of the World have accepted him as a prophet and include his teachings in their teachings. Even though Jesus was a Jew the Jewish faith remains largely intact accepting Jesus as a prophet and including His teachings. We should accept and fight for all faiths as much as we do the Jewish faith. Christians should be teaching the universal lessons of the World’s prophets and their faiths and not choking themselves on conversion and exclusivity to Heaven. There is, in my opinion, much work left to be done with the gift of Jesus and it should be so, but it is tangled in these perverse and singular ideologies. Christianity can have a Second Coming of Jesus, so to speak, by way of becoming more inclusive of and working with all faiths of the World as Jesus did in his region, not necessarily by the return of Jesus. The saviors of the World are us, Humanity, and it is the teachings of prophets of the World gifted by God that we must follow. Moreover, I don’t think Jesus would wish to return and be nailed to a cross again after all this time and not yet having a more secure and prosperous World. What would Jesus teach us this time?

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pre-Election Contemplations 2020

Pre-Election Contemplations     October 2, 2020

Well, I am sort of at a loss of words being tired of argument and having discussed our election in a reasonable or natural way despite Donald Trump’s crusade of division. I say, divide, and get it over with. I and my posts have gone through emotions of anger, to reasoning, to a sort of historical perspective of our countries heritage/founding and asking you to discover your visions of the US and World and act accordingly. The process of managing and learning from our emotions which can vary from individual to individual and expressing them is normal but we shouldn’t allow the cause of negative emotions or excessive burden to remain with us, as people or a nation. As we say, our struggle, our work, must go on.

I think we are all tired of Donald Trump’s Campaign, the corona virus, and our bad economy as a result. I think that I am trying to rest up for whatever happens come election day. These sort of regimes or hostile takeovers don’t last as long as they used to around the World, but I must say there will be a great sigh of relief for me if Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are elected.

I still believe America is destined for more greatness and we must work for it while allowing for rejuvenation. Much work is needed within the US especially concerning minorities before we can fully reengage, spread our wings, with and/or for the World. America will need the help of minorities to improve prosperity as much as they need our help, and they will want to help. We must help at all levels of society, private and public (local, state, and federal) utilizing all entities and citizens, their support systems, and products and services.

We also need to help our governments by electing true politicians. Politicians are real people, naturally political, and, as I have said, they are good people often employing more of their heart than most to manage and represent our social services and the values and beliefs of our society. They are often the most humblest and joyous of us all.

I still believe we are in a period of Enlightenment which will be followed by a Renaissance and historically includes some mental/spiritual struggles, soul searching, with the realization of God and God’s Life consequences perhaps particularly with the allowance of inaction or bad actions. We all will experience this to varying degrees and some of us with less than our own ideal environments will require more help. We must choose our paths to prosperity and God’s Kingdom and further or move forward by making the right decisions to progress, hopefully with the help of others of all kinds, humanity. Perhaps taking another bite of the Apple.

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The Sun: Our Energy Source

The Sun: Our Energy Source     October 27, 2020

The Sun provides most of the energy for Life on Earth.

The Sun creates or enables growth and development of living organisms by providing energy to uptake the Earth’s elements for nutrition. Through activity of live plant cells nutritious food is created incorporating the Earth’s elements with biologically or organically made molecules .We consume or eat this food breaking the bonds created by the plant producing heat and releasing nutrition and energy for growth and development. This creates ecosystems or environments within the cells and their surroundings which efficiently uses water, the carrier of most nutrients, to uptake the nutrients (elements). Decay of these organically made molecules also increases the ability and efficiency of the uptake of the elements naturally returning to Earth for recycling. Living organisms naturally sustain and improve their environments or ecosystems just by living, creating and maintaining beauty and prosperity in the World. Humans, I believe, will soon make a giant leap forward by improving their care of the environment.

The Sun’s energy is also captured and stored by plants and released by us by combustion (burning) to provide energy that we can utilize as needed like heat and electricity. Coal is a very good example of a decomposed plant material which stores energy for heating and producing electricity. Wood or trees is a good live or raw plant material used for energy.

The Sun also brought us together, enabling our societies to grow and develop and eventually guiding culturally diverse societies together by enabling navigation and thus movement of several natures like hiking, boating, and eventually, flying.

We measure stored energy in building materials for construction so that it carries or transfers the load or weight back to earth while remaining in construct, intact.

I believe, the Sun, Our Sun, will continue to increase prosperity in our World by us continuing to use it’s energy more cleanly and efficiently and allowing ecosystems and environments to remain more completely intact, natural, with all of their components. We will save energy especially in the form of heat as a result of breaking bonds of stored energy by combustion and heat trapped by the byproducts of burning fossil fuels. Both contributing to global warming. And, our water will be cleaner.

In my opinion, there are or will also be great opportunities in food production systems, flood or excess rain accumulation management, and waste water management. This should also increase the quantity of clean water for life’s consumption. Increasing the quantity of water available and it’s quality will also, in my opinion, increase or make more efficient the elements available to plants and thus humans; the elements which also enable life in on Earth.

I believe the past sixty or more years of exploring and interacting with nature will be included in literature as of a period of Enlightenment and will culminate in a period of Renaissance where we implement what we have learned and experienced and enjoy more of the prosperity Nature and God’s Kingdom brings and provides. This Renaissance period will also be marked once again by Humanism.

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