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Visions Revisited

Visions Revisited     October 20, 2020

This is a revised previous post.

My writing includes a lot of what I call historical perspective. I include this because I believe we have for some reason(s) forgotten that we are children of God and He has given us choices for our destination(s) in Life and after. Certainly, however, as I have written, God does ensure our ability to prosper by infusing our World with Spirits of certain abilities or likes or dreams. Certainly, We have in common the ability to care for and share with one another in order to, as I say it, bring about God’s Kingdom.

We have been given, along with this Spirit, a mind which I believe perceives both good and bad, good and evil. We make decisions based upon this, our thoughts and how an action may be judged by other living creatures, especially other humans, and ultimately God. We even speak of things like ‘karma’ or ‘what goes around comes around’ as a way of suggesting an action may be taken based upon a judgement by others and/or God during Life. But what all of this does is keep us on track or the path to God’s Kingdom which may be in afterlife, Heaven, or as I believe, one day, here on Earth, thus eventually both. One of the best God given ways to improve a life, society, and the World is, in my opinion, Visions.

Vision: Intelligent foresight; A mental image produced by the imagination; The mystical experience of seeing as if with the eyes the supernatural or a supernatural being; To see in or as if in a vision. The American Heritage Dictionary, New College Addition 1976

Vision is to me a God given ability to aid in perceiving, understanding, and reacting to His World, Our World, learning and improving yourself and wellbeing. It is spatial and colorful. Vision(s) I believe can come from and are interpreted by the mind or imagination or they can be Divine. Dreams I believe are similar. I believe all people and most likely animals have visions. Both as a result of a thought process of variable length, the mind’s eye, and/or Divine. It is a way of communicating, and often the way new things are begun or old things improved upon. It conveys or helps convey ideas. Like dreams, they help one communicate with one’s self. They are a very powerful and important aspect of Life and can contribute greatly to the World. They can also be bad visions, warnings, and nightmares which should also be examined and may indicate a problem.

During these hard times we often reflect a little more on how to improve upon our lives and I am asking all of us to pay attention to our visions and come to understand them. They should be reflected more in our lives, societies, and World as they are a gift of God that should be used to further His Kingdom.

I hope you explore your visions and align them, yourself,  with the people and environments that can help you achieve or correct them. It is possible, that the implementation of good visions will reduce the occurrence of bad visions in us. I hope this writing will help us improve on using and understanding their value.


The Historically Good World Endeavor

The Historically Good World Endeavor     October 14, 2020

I have realized in my own work history when I begin to lead people my attitude changes immensely. I become even more of a servant, protective, and usually I am full of questions and want to know what support is available. I believe this to be true for all professions or vocations. I also look at the history and common tasks of the role or position to see how I move forward. And I look to see if I believe my own ideals, gifts, and insights might improve the environment of the work being done.

The role of our government is to fight for and put in place liberty and justice for all in the World, always has been. It is the only one of it’s kind. With these offices of elected officials comes great responsibility and leadership. As I think about being a president or even a Lower House Representative, I find it hard to do, so many things to consider. I can only imagine what must land on those desks, especially the president. And I realize as with many candidates and like most of us pushing for a bigger role comes the unknown. But when one makes it, the responsibility and reality lands with all it’s weight.

Our government, the US government is, in my opinion, at this time, the largest institution on earth as a result of it’s Constitution and serves the most people on earth including those of foreign countries. One could argue that China does, and I don’t think that I would disagree. But we are probably still the most diverse and flexible in many ways. I didn’t mean to imply in yesterdays post that I think our foreign aid will completely cease, though it may, I believe it will remain, only not as much by our federal government (what do you think?). I think businesses may become the primary aid in foreign countries in the coming years. And I do believe other countries can now as a result of America’s work help more with developing countries.

As the World, people, become more free of oppression and the security of their environment is increased more travelers come and there is more trade. There are more opportunities for human vocations, work. And with this comes the requirements of all necessary support and more work. All of this frees up their God given Spirits and a life to be expressed, lived.

Our government and this nation has been heavily labored with preserving and maintaining it’s existence since it’s inception. We have battled countries from small to large and we have battled terrorists and have incurred much financial losses as a result of fraud. With the victory of these battles has come the responsibility to maintain the victory. Also to search out other threats against liberty and justice in the World. We now have formed many international relationships by eliminating threats to democracy and we must maintain them as well. These relationships most often include services of all kinds; perhaps especially business or commercial. And this is how the existing Global Economy blossomed. I call it World Economy.

America’s and now much of the World’s task is to continue providing the means of and for liberty and justice, freedom, for all. We, including America, have not fully accomplished this yet and it shows up as poverty, pollution, and conflict. As it does elsewhere in the World. This, I have written, is an indication that God’s Kingdom, Laws, have not been fully implemented and realized yet. We must keep working for good in the World, for God’s people, children. The Believers.

However, as I said, America has expended much of her resources on this endeavor per her Constitution as presidents realize and understand the prosperity of liberty and justice and it’s return on investment. But we really don’t have much left for ourselves now. Even our infrastructure is worn out. We have also not maintained the level of investment required by our federal Government, taxes, as our Economy allows.

This is perhaps what helped get Donald Trump elected. Our work should turn much more to America now but Donald Trump has not done this. He has only withdrew us from the World and eliminated or crippled much of our Economic support systems and mismanaged Covid-19. He has mocked America’s philosophy and Constitution of liberty and justice for all by litigating historical interpretations and replacing them with his own. Most have found this to be so outlandish or so foolish as to not waste too much time on it. However, he has done great harm to our country and some of it legally.

He has tried to destroy the Spirit of our Society. In my opinion, it is nearly impossible to delineate laws which prevent or discourage every possible means of attack on our legal system. I question whether it is worth our time and effort or if we should just wait until this ends and begin to be more vigilant as to who we allow to hold offices and public positions of service to us.

Be sure to Vote! and take care of yourself and one another. Share your gifts. My e-book, ‘Possible Origins of White Supremacy’, supplements the substance or essence of this post well.

Justice – A Call To Service

Justice – A Call to Service      October 14, 2020

The Constitution of the United States of America is The Supreme Law which organized our government including our Judicial Branch about 230 years ago. It’s basic goal is liberty and justice for all. The US Constitution is, in my opinion, the most well conceived document on earth written by people of oppression. It describes a government of and by the people. A government which also has a bicameral legislative (law) branch to write laws and an executive branch to implement policies which improve the lives and livelihoods of it’s people and keeps them secure in their pursuits of happiness and prosperity.
It’s history as a living constitution, and I don’t know how it could have been otherwise, has been both a blessing and a struggle. I blame most of the struggle on the type of economy that had to be implemented, pure capitalism, and the land mass that had to be covered by law. America probably expanded too quickly.
As the goods and services and the infrastructure required by a society began to be created there was struggle between good and bad people for control of economies, industries and businesses. With inadequate law and law enforcement, an inability to properly govern by our government, came conflict and war. Perhaps even an idea of foolishness towards the government by bad people often taking the form of mockery. But the Constitution of the United States of America has endured and remains The Supreme Law of the Land. And it does so as a result of America’s people still believing in and working and fighting for it’s full realization. And have even all the while fought for the breath of this Constitution for people of foreign countries.
I believe with all my heart that, in all of this, God has had a hand. In the least, by the sense of people who do good for one another by serving one another and creating prosperity. Not impeding and destroying it. It is by the hand of ill willed people that all of our stress is caused. They disrupt the natural flow or emergence of human’s and therefore humanities’ progress and furtherance of God’s Kingdom and prosperity. That which is ordained. I believe also that at this time of America’s development her work has paid off tenfold as seen by the increased prosperity in the World and the now capable aid to developing countries from other nations.
America is broke and broken, her government and society in shambles. America can really do no more but for herself after her hard fought battles abroad while compromising in legislative branches to a meager existence in her own land. The leaders, so to speak, of both our political parties are, in my opinion, the unsung heroes. There always has been and always will be a silent code of ethics that employs for the good of people all over the World and manages to work in unison. It is often the task of those who serve God and his people to humble themselves into portraying or representing something they are not and do not believe in. I suppose sometimes it is just foolery, indulgence for the moment, as these sort of people realize the work necessary and the time required for success.
People who serve in Governments, perhaps particularly politicians, are, I believe, the truest of heart, the truest servants of others. Those who are otherwise, with ill intention, do a great disservice to our people and country.
It is time for America to become involved in her citizenry again, her society and all levels of government. The servants in and of our Government(s) require our help like no other time in our history for rebuilding war torn America. America is fulfilling her Constitution except for her own people with the exception of her security. She has not yet brought liberty and justice to all. The battle remains but now it is within her own borders and much of it can be put right, corrected, by voting. With America’s vast resources and ingenuity it won’t take too long to rebuild a road to prosperity.
Please VOTE and do what you can for yourselves and others, coming full circle.