Social Means of Equity: Civilization

Social Means of Equity: Civilization     January 26, 2021

Led by present or existing truths and hopes and dreams of Humanity we use government to attain a natural balance of  security and prosperity by exchange of idea and creation or invention nationally and internationally which will help bring forth a realm of God, Life, yet unknown.

Humanity has created and implemented various forms of government for reasons of security and prosperity during the struggle, Evolution, of Humanity and many have changed (adjusted) as a result of leadership or World progress toward Unity of Humanity by exchange of idea and creation (trade). Idea and natural resources for creation of prosperity are shared endowments of God and the good work for Evolution, progress and prosperity, of Humanity. For bearing the belief and knowledge of God and His Laws for the Unity of Humanity.

Throughout time and our World we have worked to bring about essentially self sustaining organizations and systems to improve our lives (progress) and the Earth, flora and fauna that provide. These things, as we know inherently, can be essentially self sustaining with few exceptions and come naturally as a result of God’s design and with greater economy.

We are social animals, beings, like most of God’s living creation(s). Plants can also be social by various means. As Humans we are at the top of the social ladder bearing the most knowledge and capability of work and understanding of the working of God’s creation. It is our obligation to fulfill God’s Kingdom with expectation of living in His Kingdom as intended.

Our prospects for efficiencies are great. Most significant of which will come naturally, perhaps not even being observed initially, adding freely to our work, as a result of following the Laws of God.






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